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Default Skydiving properly for the first time.

Skidyv checks her inventory and small collection of silver and copper. "This should be enough", she thinks to herself.

She wanders from the training field back to the city. Never having tried to get back into Paineel she stands there thumbing her bone carved city key.

She steps on the platform and turns around to use the special rock lock. Up she goes. This does not bode well for her. There is no entrance up here! Maybe she missed something on the way up. Again she tries and again nothing. A few frustrating tries later she has an idea.

Stepping off the platform she moves to just the side of the rock lock. Examines it and inserts her key. The platform rises to reveal a passage to a small room. She enters the room and has the sensation of decending into the depths of hell. Not quite like hell since she knows what that is like, for Lord Cazic has tasted her flesh there many times.

Off she runs into the close quartered city feeling dizzy with the low roofs and narrow passageways. Finally she finds the vendor she is looking for, sells off some minor scavagings and browses through the wares.

"Ahhhh, the parachute I've been dreaming of! I'll take it!", she says to the merchant.

"Oh look! I can also afford to buy that spell", she says as she points into the corner of the merchants display, "Yes, I'll also take the Strike spell."

Finding a quiet corner, she sits herself down and transcribes the Strike spell to her fairly empty spellbook. Then she turns her attention to the parachute manual.

Unpacking it and repacking it she realises that it takes time to prepare the parachute properly but surely it will be worth it!

Leaving the city, she approaches her diving platform. Having done this sacrificial jump many times before, she is nervous, for she never did live to see the bottom.

Standing atop the precipice in her favourite baby blue see-through sacrificial gown, she gazes down into the not so bottomless pit. A few quiet words are spoken to Lord Cazic along with a small chant of "This time I will do it. This time I will do it."

With a final readjustment of the parachute she steps off into the void like she has done many times before.

The air buffets her as she screams in delight. The time approaches to prove herself.

Feeling herself clear that magical buffer zone, stripping her of all protection, now is the time.

"Chutes away!", she yells as she pulls the ripcord.

Landing with a thud yet no bodily harm, she feels elated.

She notices what appear to be some sort of demon and an earth elemental trying to harm her, but Cazic will protect her...for now.

Turning slowly around and taking in the scenery she mutters a comment,"Oh my, look at all these poor souls who have di...."

Lord Cazic-Thule laughs with glee as he removes his protection of this naive creature.


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