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Default Its worse than I feared...

It's worse than I feared...

I followed one of the evil ones, a slender Teir'dal through the Desserts of Ro. She floated gracefully above the muddy swamp banks of Innathule, as I slowly squished my way along the waters edge. She quickly left be far behind, the entire time I was whispering my blessings to Brell to keep me safe, in the Gnomestomper's homeland.

Luckily, I had overheard one of the dark Humans mention The Arena, so her destination was known. Ferrott was fairly easy to pass through as I avoided the daft Ogres and the slow moving Lizardmen. On the banks of Lake Rathe I secured a canoe and made my way carefully across the still water. Terrified that I would tip the craft because I had never learned to swim.

What I am about to tell you may be too much for you to bear. I couldnt bring myself to turn away from the shear shock of what I witnessed.

In the Arena, I watched from a fairly safe distance as the 'ritual' began. I call it that, assuming that is what was happening. The followers of the witch formed a circle. One was called forth and items were presented. The person in the center disrobed and donned a dark grey robe, stained with blood. The victim was then sacrificed, willingly by the members of their own clan. The witch then brought them back from the dead and the next victim willingly stepped forward and gave their life. This went on until all had been slain and resurrected.

My mind raced .. I wanted to turn and run but was frozen by the horror I was witnessing. If these fanatics are willing to simply give their own life to thier Queen what are they capible of doing to the innocent and peacefull people of Norrath?

I must return home to inform my kin. I can only hope that this message makes it to Freeport.

If I make it back to Ak'Anon safely, I will train in the art of tinkering. I will construct a device that will translate the gibberish of the Troll's, to help me in my hunt to exterminate them.

Brell guide me, for I know not what I have uncovered.

The Thorn
Children of Dawn
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