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Default The Dragon Raid---by Giah

The Dragon Raid
Upon entering the gates of Felwithe, I felt the relief only homecoming could bring. The peaceful green of the forest and the grand elegance of the marble walls seeped through my bones and blood, welcoming me with silence and safety. I am home.

Mentally I start making notes of all I should do while I am here for this brief rest: Visit my family, check with the researchers for new spells that might aid me, replenish my stores of food and drink, and gather the gems and tiny daggers I was running low upon.

Barely had these thoughts had time to circle within my head before I felt a strong arm take firm hold of mine. Before I could have another thought, she was upon me, spinning me around with all the force of a gale wind, “Come! Hurry!”

“Wait, I...” but the words were lost as she strode along, making me run to keep up.

“There is no time,” she declared, frowning at the speed I was making on my own. She sighed heavily and called upon the spirit of the wolf to come grace me with its speed.

Finally able to reach her side, I asked, “Will you at least tell me what this is about? I needed to gather stores and supplies.”

She chuckled, “You have plenty for now. You are needed immediately in the mountains of Lavastorm. A call has gone out across the land. Forces are gathering even as we speak.”

“What is happening in Lavastorm, Frekkels?” I asked.

“The adventure of your lifetime, Giah. Lord Nagafen the fire-breathing dragon has arisen from his sleep. We are going to join the hunting party setting out to slay him.”

There was a rush of excitement at the thought of such a feat, but close upon its heels came the tingle of dread in the pit of my stomach, “A dragon? I am not sure if I am ready for such a thing as a dragon...”

“You are, "she assured me in the few simple words that were her way.

“And what am I expected to do against this dragon?” I demanded, already mentally organizing spells I may need at a second’s notice.

She turned slightly to cast that mischievous smile my way, “Lower his magic resistance as much as you can so I can slow down his attacks against our forces. Then drain what mana you can from him...and die with grace.”

I snorted at her humor, “Thanks.... Barbarian.”

She clapped me on the back and pulled me under her arm, to walk by her side as we approached the druid rings. “You’ll be fine. Come on, just think of the adventure.”

The adventure? A dragon raid.... I had never seen one up close before, but the tales I had heard! I turned and looked back at the pristine marble rising in the distance, and the emerald green of the forest that rose up in comfort, soft and reassuring, and then turned to the Fier’Dal Druid Priestess waiting. She looked at us in question, “Ready?”

I hefted my packs to my shoulder and smiled, “Always. Let’s go!”

Lavastorm was hot and humid, and perhaps made worse by the bodies gathered so close at the druid rings, yelling and shoving and even dueling as they readied for the dragon. Turning a complete circle around me I saw Halflings, Dwarves, Humans, Barbarians, Iksars, Ogres and Elves everywhere. Their numbers so great I could not even begin to count, but I had more serious work before me.

“Who is leading this raid?” I asked, and Frekkels, standing tall while looking over the top of the crowd, searched.

“There. The monk. We’ll talk to him.” And as she strode forward, I followed in her wake. She came before him and announced, “I am Frekkels, Shaman of the Tribunal, and this is Giah, Koada’ Dal Enchanter. We’d like to join your dragon raid.”

He looked up from his lists, gave us barely a distracted glance before resuming the absolute concentration upon his parchments, “Yes, yes. Fine. Shaman... Enchanter...”

“That’s it?” I whispered. “All he wants to know?”

“It is enough,” Frekkels replied. “Let’s get ready to go in. I hear the path to the dragon down in the dungeon is slow and hard. We’d best be ready for whatever may come. Once he sends up the call to move, there won’t be a lot of time.”

I called forth magical armor to shield me. I gathered elements to help me ward off any types of magic that may be cast against me. Even as I prepared myself my eyes wandered over the crowd. There was pushing and shoving and shouting, all from other adventurers with nerves strung as tightly as my own. Clerics were already fretting over those who had been wounded in duels and the true fight had not yet even begun. With a sympathetic smile I drew from within my reserves of mental power to distribute the mental clarity they needed to meditate in this din and ruckus.

The monk swept among us, a list in hand and shouted, “Ok let’s group up and get ready. When I call out your name, please find your group leader and sit. Group one will be under me.”

He called forth a warrior, a shadow knight, a ranger, a cleric...and me!

As the groups formed, a Troll in the next group leaned close and sniffed the air near me. He chuckled to his friend in his rough, uneducated tongue, “Enchanter. Hehehe, me smell.... dragon bait.”

I raised an eyebrow but did not reply. I had heard tales of dragon raids. I knew my powers often drew a dragon’s anger and that whole groups of enchanters had been known to die swiftly on such a mission. I looked about in hopes of finding another to ask advice of, but could not see past my own group as they finished getting ready.

“Pardon me, but this is my first dragon raid. Is there any advice you might give?” I asked the troll in his own harsh language.

He smiled, his pointy teeth yellow and rotted, “No worry. Ya do da job. Ya die. Jest speeds meez fust. Me keel it.”

I suppose that was comfort from a troll, but I found it lacking. The monk set down the list as we prepared to move out and a glance at it told me what I had feared most. I was the only enchanter they had. Great. Just great.

Nagafen’s lair was stifling! The halls were tiny, narrow passages that twisted and turned and before I knew it...I was lost! I could hear the calls, the shouts, the yells, but they echoed in the halls and tossed themselves and turned, so that there was no way of knowing where they had come from or which way I should go.

Three bats flew at me from out of nowhere. I couldn’t even get a spell off; their wings knocked me backwards as their screams deafened me. A ranger and a warrior appeared from around the corner and swept them off of me. The cleric rushed forward and whispered soft words of comfort as she healed my wounds.

“This does not bode well,” I muttered to myself.

Then at my side came the Dwarven warrior I gladly called friend. He grinned widely, “Hello, milady. I think you’d best be coming with me.”

“Dracnor,” I said in relief.

He led us back to the groups and helped me find a place to rest and gather my wits, “Stay close now, milady. We’re headed in.”

“I shall. Thank you, Dracnor.”

We fought our way through spiders, through bats, through giants that called upon fire! And then after what seemed like ages, we finally stood, tired, dirty and hot, in the hallway outside mighty Nagafen’s liar. The warriors readied their blades and called upon their gods to aid them. I found myself calling upon my powers from within to again give the casters the insight and clear mind it would take to let them gather enough mana to hopefully save more of us...or at the worst at least some of us. There were sure to be a few casualties. According to Frekkels and the Troll, I would be among them...

There was no time for fear, no time for doubts. I was surrounded by those who needed me and needed me now. I called forth energy to hasten the warriors’ arms, so that their blows may land faster. Just as I finished, the doors blew open before me and a rush of heat rolled across the floor, billowing flames towards me.

“Now!” came the call, “Take him now!”

The bodies in that small hallway rushed forward into the smoke and heat. The cries of battle rose as adventurers charged forth as one. I stood just inside the broken doors and looked upon the mighty beast as he leaped forward to meet these small creatures invading his lair.

I raised my arms in a sweeping arc and sent the howls of Tishania towards the dragon’s head. It smacked him forcefully and in anger Lord Nagafen summoned me to his side. The troll, true to his word, was now also at my side, wielding his weapon with skill and speed. I smiled back at him when he laughed between thrusts, “So, Dragon Bait, we meet agin.”

I looked up at the dragon towering over me, who was now in fierce battle with more numbers than he possibly realized at first. I cast yet again, draining what powers he may have been storing to unleash upon us.

“I have slowed Nagafen!” I heard Frekkels’ loud cry above the many shouts.

“Draining mana as fast as I can,” I shouted back, not even knowing if anyone could hear me over the roar of the dragon.

With every cast of my spells, I found myself summoned again and again beneath the mighty scaled creature. A little more of my life slipped away with each of his fierce fiery breaths. The cleric kept an eye on me and I felt her protection with every move I made. The dragon would not release me from his clutches though, as if he wanted me close enough to toy with later? I cast again, this time bringing his mana to me instead. He roared in anger and swept his head at me, lifting me off the ground and sending fear throughout my very soul. I ran blindly!

At the edge of the room, I came to myself and realized it was not true fear, just what he had hoped I thought was such. Mind games, from a dragon? I spun and cast again and again, stealing whatever mana Nagafen may have had, all the while watching his life’s blood seep in a spreading pool across the floor and into the lava. Then as suddenly as it began, it was over. The dragon, once so mighty and fierce, sank to the ground with a heave and a grunt as his life was completely swept away.

In our exhausted state we still found the energy to cheer and clap each other’s backs. The troll clapped me painfully on the back, “Gud werk, Bait.”

Frekkels gave me a lopsided, tired smile, “So, how was the adventure?”

“One of a lifetime,” I smiled back. “I wouldn’t have missed it for the world. What shall we do next?” I asked even as I called forth a portal to send me back to the serenity of Felwithe. Home again.
(Copyright Reserved, June 2002)

This brief tale was written by my real life spouse Giah, with some very light editing by myself. With only slight embellishment, it is the true story of our very first (pick-up) Nagafen raid. I did yank her away from Felwithe hastily, & there was complete chaos at the LS rings (even worse than normal for forming a raid imo). She did get very lost in the dungeon and would have died if our guildmate Dracnor hadn't guided her back. Surprising everyone, she didn't even die during the final battle! Giah did win an Orb of Tishan and a Polished Mithril Mask over the course of the raid, which we didn't feel fit in with the rest of the story, so it didn't get mentioned.

Any comments would be appreciated, as we may end up writing more of these and getting them all published.

Thank you,
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The RP board here is mostly dead. You might search for another venue instead, if you haven't already. Nicely told story, however.
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There is no need to pounce on someone and shout "RP is dead" whether it is or not. I'm really tired of seeing RPers try and be creative and then get responces like this. I know you were "nice" about it but still. If you don't RP, if you think it's dead. That is your right for sure, just don't discourage others from being creative.

Thanks Kidin for bringing something to the RPing forum. Emarr can use a revival of RP for sure. Let me invite you to EverQuest Role-players It is a new board just for RPers of EQ. It covers all servers but the Emarr people are growing there. Spread the word!
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Mirwen - I didn't say RP was dead. I said the RP board on emarr was almost dead. Please don't think I was attempting to eliminate RP by pronouncing it deceased. I was only suggesting a more active board might be a better choice for feedback.
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Paladin Verno
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Well written and entertaining!
Nice work!

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Alethia or Celoria
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Sugar dumplin'.... Puddin' pie..... I REEEALLY liked it but ummm *shuffles around nervously* Nagafen has no mana to drain. *ducks, pivoting quickly on a heel and skitters away*

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i liked it , think you can do another?

jazimine niteshayde
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Zito Corleone
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I agree, nicely done. I would be very interested in reading more of your work. Thank you
Zito Corleone
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Send a message via AIM to hoppkins
The only problem i find with this story are the references to ingame things like "lowering his magical reistance so the forces may slow his attacks".

If I were writing this I would of almost walked on eggshells around references like that.

But if thats the writing style you prefer then its cool

BTW hello Zito...its been a while
Hoppkins Wytchfinder
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Default MR reference


Thanks for the input Hoppkins. It is easy enough to edit for greater readability. Giah churned it out pretty quick, I did some light editing, and we posted it. It was designed for audiences familiar with EQ. If we submit if for publication, we'd probably rewrite that sentence to stay more in the realm of fantasy & less about in game mechanics.

Take care,
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Lovely writing. I really enjoyed reading it! Going to do some more? Just because this forum isn't very active's no reason to leave it be so...
Andredien Sto Helit,
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I can't believe I'd never seen this one before!

More please.

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Well written!
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