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Default Journey to OS Part I

Tell me what you think--
As I made my final checks and transactions before my long journey, I suddenly realized I needed some platinum for a ride to my destination. Went over to the bank in the bazaar, where I must say there were wall to wall bodies there, each squabbling and haggling for there goods, some shouting and some whispering there wants and needs. I came across a vendor who had a mask or sale, in which gives you the ability to make yourself invisible to most creatures. I then asked him which creatures it would not work on, and he told me the undead minions would definitely not be fooled. So I then purchased this mask and then proceeded to ask him where could I find such a mask or potion for the undead creatures. He hissed at me and told me to go find a shaman.

So of I went in search of a shaman. Well after a few minutes looking I came across one that did indeed have such a potion. I made the purchase and off I went back to the nexxus. As I rounded the corner there were people everywhere, some shouting, some bickering and some were
even de robed. Some of the lost souls who had perished in battle had there souls bound here so when they died they would reappear here, hoping either for a holyman or a friend to help them. My quest was to find a wizard, although I loathe the idea of being magically transported, I was
indeed on another planet, and had no choice in the matter. But first thing was first, I would need to be enchanted with the speed of the wolf so my journey would be swift. That turned out to be the free part, for the teleport id have to pay. I ended up finding a kind man of the Forrest to take
me to my destination. He actually enchanted me with the spirit of the eagle, which allowed me to hover as well as speed my travels. He could also indeed take me to my destination for a price, which I gladly paid him.

“Off we go”, he said as he gathered the magical forces around him and myself. I felt uneasy as the room started to spin, slow at first then faster and faster till the scenery started to change. First it was of rock and stone then changing slowly to an immense jungle, with glorious
colors everywhere. When the magic ceased we were in a thick jungle, so thick with trees it blocked out the sunlight. He said “may your journeys be free of incident”, I replied with “thank you, and to you as well”, as he then casted a similar spell and vanished into nothingness. I muttered to myself that was probably his line to everyone, but I was in one piece and I didn’t get sick this time-heh.

The noises emitting from the jungle were almost deafening, gorillas, birds, and whatever else was unholy that made a noise in there. I then looked at my map, and put on my mask. At first nothing happened, but then as I looked down at myself I noticed that I had vanished. I was
going to take the mask off, but I remember the lizard told me that it was only good for 10 uses, and due to the price I refrained from taking it off. Off I went, due south to a place they like to call Trakanon’s Teeth. This was the emerald jungle, and it is well named. I passed many creatures, some gorillas and some flowers that moved, but alas none had seen me! Finally reaching the wall to Trakanon’s teeth I proceeded in. You see a wall of magical energies separates any 2 different areas here-to keep the creatures from roaming in and out of different places. Bahh, more magic to contend with. As I went forward into the magical abyss, when I
emerged into TT the scenery was much like the other, a crowded Forrest.

Again I checked my map, and it looked like I had to follow the wall to the left to a certain point then veer off to my destination--a giant glowing red orb. A long and tiring journey it was, but with the eagle spirit inside of me, it was fast and free of incident like the druid had told me. I
came to a giant wall with many arches in it and statues about. As creepy as it was, this dwarven warrior feared nothing, cept his own god. I stopped for a second and remembered something, this enchantment on me would not keep the undead off of me long enough to get to the orb. Into my backpack I went and pulled out the potion from the shaman and took a swig. Glug glug glug, a bitter tasting substance that left a bad taste in my mouth, but it was for my protection.

I waited and waited but nothing happened. I reappeared, and was thinking to myself that the shaman had taken my 200 plat and got a flask of old water in return. Hmmm...Had I been
taken for a fool, well we shall see. I was going to take another swig, but the shaman had told me this potion, like the mask. had only 10 swigs in it. So off I went till I found many stone walls about marking my destination-thus I knew I was close. Suddenly as I rounded the corner I was staring face to face with an apparition. He was almost transparent, and he had the appearance of a lizard man, much like the statue I saw here before. He was just hovering in mid air and all the
while hissing and moaning. My blood was on fire as it coursed through my veins in anticipation to do battle. My axes were ready to shed some blood, but to my surprise he didn’t even notice me.

I moved slowly at first, then I passed right through him onward to my destination. The potion had worked!!! I was relived that it had worked mostly due to his other 3 friends that were around the other side of the wall. I could best him and perhaps his one friend, But 4 of them would have
been tooo many for even I to handle. I found the entrance which was a corridor leading down into the earth, straight ,then it turned left, and then I saw what I finally had been looking for--The Red Orb! A few people had already gathered there for one reason or another. An ogre, lizard
man, dark elf, and a beautiful lady who I assumed was an eleven enchantress, and they paid me no heed. Well now that I was here, I was told all I had to do was touch the orb---Well touch it I did and instantly I was transported yet again-(god how I hate this magic) this time from a lavish
jungle to a dungeon, deep underground, where many perish and Trakanon himself resides. When the magic stopped swirling around me, I found myself in a corridor with many other people, some dead, most were alive though, all waiting to gather the correct number of people and classes, for a
go at it, inside this dungeon. The dungeons name-well this was Old Sebillis.............................
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