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Default The Return of Diess Darkservant

The Return of Diess Darkservant

The air was ice cold, as it always is in the Tower of Frozen Shadow. Daman walked as gracefully as the dead can down the center isle towards her never to be husband Nosja. She remembered how her heart thundered the first time she walked down the isle. She remembered the look in Nosja’s eyes. That look was not there tonight. It has not been there for hundreds of years. Daman wanted to run. She knew what was to happen, it was always the same. The murders were different, but the outcome never changed. She remembered the curse that was drummed into her head that night. The curse uttered by her god Innoruuk. How could two dark elves that have committed their lives to the Prince of Hate fall in love? Now the most precious feeling that had ever crossed her soul was her torment. Damned to relive her massacred wedding night for the rest of eternity.

Daman stepped up to the alter and took her place at the side of Nosja. She could not alter from her destiny no matter how hard she tried. Just as she has for centuries, she turned towards Nosja preparing to say the vows that would never be fulfilled. Nosja had no expression on his face. The look of love and joy that was there the first night had been ripped away by death. He looked as though he were a mindless zombie. But Daman knew he was feeling the same torment as she was. She knew that to him she looked like nothing more then a terrible hag. The undead couple gazed lifelessly at each other as they wailed and screamed their wedding vows.

Then the moment came. The undead priest asked if anyone present objected to the union of Nosja and Daman. There was a long pause, then the lone figure walked in. Nobody moved. Daman cocked her decaying head and looked at the man who entered. He was a necromancer. If she couldn’t tell by the familiar scent of death that followed him in, the spectre that floated in behind him was a dead giveaway. She watched him and waited for the ritual of death beyond death to begin. The necromancer carefully surveyed the room, then began to cast a spell. Before the spell could be complete he dropped to the floor and withered as if in pain. Nosja wasted no time. Drawing his ceremonial wedding sword he leapt off the alter and ran towards the fallen necromancer. Before he could strike an unseen force drove him back. Daman did not know what was happening. This is not how the ritual is supposed to go. Could it be that she would not be destroyed this night? With a renewed sense of hope she too leapt off the alter and charged the helpless necromancer. Before she could reach him she was frozen in place. She heard the only voice that had filled her soul with fear. The voice was coming from her own lips. A terror came over her that had never been felt before.


Diess could see the wedding chamber. He flexed his fingers and meditated. This was a good night. It had been a long time since he had seen any battle. He had been cooped up in Neriak far too long. Giving up his life of adventuring to study the dark arts more in depth. Although he once again felt the exhilaration of the hunt, he also felt the strain of his age on him. Ironic that one who has spent his life researching death could do nothing to prevent it from coming. Thoughts went through his head of settling down in Freeport. Just a few more treasures and he would be satisfied. So close to achieving his goals. All he had to do tonight was kill Nosja, he didn’t need to bother with the rest of the room. Why waste the effort in killing all the undead when he could just pick and choose the one he wanted.

He was ready. Standing up Diess strode into the wedding chambers and surveyed his prey. He saw the target he was after. Many times he had heard of the diamond wedding band that was in the possession of the undead necromancer named Nosja. The ring would soon be his. The cascading darkness spell came to his mind and he began to weave the spell. Then suddenly he felt a pain like he had never felt before. Diess collapsed to the ground helplessly. He could hear the sounds of chaos erupt around him but he could not bring himself to look up. As quickly as it came the pain vanished only to be replaced by a new pain. Diess covered his ears as the voice invaded his mind. He knew the voice, he had heard it many times before. Raising his head he saw the hag Daman standing before him. The room shifted as the voice coming from her lips pounded at his mind again. The voice of Innoruuk.

“Diess my old friend, how good it is of you to join us once again.” Came the voice a pure evil.

The necromancer gathered himself together and got on his knees, “How can it be my prince? You were destroyed, I was there.”

The voice boomed again bringing Diess down to the floor. “You think that you and your little band of FRIENDS could destroy the Prince of Hate?’

The word friends echoed through the necromancers mind. “It was my destiny my prince, the Scythe of the Shadowed Soul requires the eye if Inoruuk. I had to destroy you to get it.”

Laughter erupted from the hag, “True you defeated me in a battle old friend, but you did not think that I was banished from the planes forever did you? YOU ARE A FOOL! How could you think you are worthy of the Scythe? You and your little FRIENDS. You are weak Diess Darkservent. Fighting along side High elves and Halflings. You call yourself evil? You think you are worthy to serve the Prince of Hate?”

Diess was thrown up into the air. The walls of the tower faded away and were replaced by the dark walls of the Plane of Hate. The undead from the wedding vanished and the denizens of Hate surrounded Diess. They began to tear away at his flesh. The necromancer fought hard. He could feel the pain, and he became angry.

The voice once again invaded his mind, “Where are your FRIENDS now necromancer? What will save you?”

Diess knew what was being asked of him. He knew what would save him. With every ounce of hate, Diess fought. He felt rage engulf his body, as his flesh was tore from his bones. The necromancer cast and clawed and tore at the enemies around him. Until he could no longer think of feel anything. Then all went black.


Daman felt the presence leave her. She was once again in control of her wretched body. She could see the necromancer was also free from whatever it was that came over him. She watched him stand up and gather his composure. She then recognized the look in his eyes. It was the look of absolute hatred. She could feel the anger and rage emanate from the necromancer. Without warning the spectre behind him came at her and severed her torso in two. Daman fell to the ground and her soul faded away only to return the next night to perform the ritual again. Never would she find peace.

The necromancer looked the split corpse on the ground and began to chuckle. The chuckle grew into a crazed laughter that echoed through the halls of the Tower of Frozen Shadow. Diess looked around the room and spotted Nosja getting to his feet. Diess quickly cast a paralyzing earth spell on him.

Diess grinned evilly at Nosja and whispered, “Your time will come Nosja, but first…”

The room was engulfed with evil diseased magic as the necromancer proceeded to eliminate every inhabitance of the wedding chambers one by one. Driven only by one goal. Hatred…
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