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Wegolan Mistwalke
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Default /ooc I enjoy RPing, but I have a few questions.

/ooc Hello, I am Wegolan Mistwalker (/ooc I know the "R" is left out on my user name) and I was reading the posts in this forum and am curious what they are exactly. I saw a few names I recognized, such as Elyntari, and I want to know if these things are actual events that occur in the game, or if they are an on going story being written by different patrons from RP guilds. I have been interested in RPing for a while, but the desire to gain levels, and earn nice equipment took the focus off of it, but now that I have leveled up and am nicely equipped, as well as most of the fun of the game has left, I would like to experience a new way to EQ. I am currently a level 57 Ranger, with an evil alt, 37 Necromancer. Please respond. =) Fare thee well.
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Wegolan, most of the stories that folks write have an in-game basis or they are setting up some in-game activities.

The new RP council is going to help organize events and help folks find other RPers to interact with.

There are a lot of folks that hit the 'flat spot' in the game where they look for something else besides the 'uber loot' or hitting 65.

Rp'ing allows folks to use their imagination while playing a game they love ..

The Rpers are out there.. this new resurgence thats being attempted may help gather them and extend the games experiance.

Banish Dsoul
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Hi Wegolan!

Long time no chat. Yes, believe it or not, roleplay is NOT dead on emarr. If you catch me in game, I'll be happy to talk with you at length on the issue.

But...don't listen to the evil "Queen" over there...she'll rot yer brain. Really she will. *smirks*

All joking aside, and good and evil ic aside, Wegolan...the rp community is not huge, but friendly. I love the members of Children of Darkness I've met thus far, at least ooc. Ic, I'm as likely to assassinate them as look at em.

Elyntari Stormynight
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OOC-Elyntari is absolutely correct. I, as one of the Children of Darkness, have been around the RP, as well as, the uber loot angle. I have to tell you. The RP angle is much more fun if you're a patient person whom loves a certain comradery not based on clocking in for a raid. Not to mention, much can be said for forming certain "bonds" with your allies and enemies in game.

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/ooc I love rp. I specially love rp with CoD...cause it isn't all about throwing physical might around...its also about taunts, tormenting, story...

/ic *yawn* Moorg, this does get repetitive and dull. Maybe some day when yer all grown up, you'll actually DO something. I been waiting.

Elyntari Stormynight
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Mirwen Melo're
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/ooc hello Wegolan,

There are a few guilds on Emarr that do actively RP. I'm not sure what you're looking for of course, or what kind of RPer you want to be but I'm sure there's a guild out there for you. There are a couple of good aligned guilds and 3 or more evil guilds... I've heard there are a few neutral guilds, but I'm not sure if they still RP.

I'd suggest looking at few guild sites and see which guilds look like a good fit for you. There is a thread in this forum that lists the current guilds that claim to be RPing guilds. Of course, the only way to really know if what you're getting from the website is what you're going to get in game is by getting to know the members.

Emarr is lucky really. We actually have a nice sized RPing community compared to many servers. I have a feeling you will find something that fits your play-style. There's lots of great RPers out there.
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