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Default Kanjien's Gift

A small white paper wrapped box with a beautiful cloth bow sat in front of the gates of Storm Keep. It mysteriously appeared while a guard turned a bit to look in another direction.

On the beautiful package was a card.

Dear Lord Kanjien,

You probably may not be aware of who I am, so I will leave you to inquire with ol' Jethal about that one. I figured as my gift to you and your brethren in the coming war with Children of Darkness, I'd send you a special valentine and a warning. I see you being killed very soon by my agents. Jethal happens to be a card fate has delt me, but sadly you are not in the cards. Beware of what you eat and drink, and look out behind you at all times. I, Attica X'Layan, the second incarnation of Layns, am coming, greater than I was ever before. I am reborn in a new form.

Soon out pathes in Norrath will cross, and you will learn of the horror to await you.

Fraternity and Sorority in Chaos,
Attica X'Layan"

Inside of the box was a Wood Elf's heart nicely wrapped in cloth. A dark valentine indeed.

ooc:Author's note-Sorry to post before the end of my story The Return, but I wanted to be careful to post before any millitary action began. And greetings, Kanjien, I'm Kat. I used to play a few characters against KHS back in the day. I like the young look of the KHS right now, and the great amount of talent I see in it's writing.
Attica X'Layan
Karai Tunaria
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