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Default Tales of a Halfling (Part 1 Complete: Chapters 1-4)

Chapter 1 - Evening Stroll

The Young halfling slowly crept across the floor of his house, attempting not to wake his family who lay quietly asleep in the other room. He reached the door across the room and stealthily snuck outside. As the moon illuminated the dark night, Jallil snuck across town, careful not to make so much as a noise to arouse the suspicions of any who might still be awake. It was about midnight as the little hobbit observed the moon of Luclin overhead in the evening sky. He wasn’t around for an evening stroll, no, this young fellow had an even better idea. Rivervale itself is a quiet town, hidden well in a vale surrounding a small lake at the end of a river running through the middle of Antonica. Most of the halflings that live on Antonica center around Rivervale, it is where most of them find peace as they carry out their daily lives.
Jallil crept around the corner of a large stone and nestled himself in the shadows. Off a little ways to the right two deputies walked by talking about their meals as they walked the town on their usual evening patrols. Up ahead Jallil could see the Leafsway farm. He quickly gathered in all the advantages and obstacles laid out before him. He quickly scanned the lights that were out in the building and the crates stacked in the corner of the farm. As his eyes rolled toward the object of his affection, the garden, he saw the lone standing figure that he had forgot about earlier, Shakey the Scarecrow.
“Drat!” Jallil said, “how am I going to get that blasted old pumpkin head to go away so I can get all those Jumjum roots!?”
The gears inside his head turned as he thought of every possible idea, until one popped into his head. As the torches lit few areas of the farm Jallil stayed quiet as he crept in the shadows. He snuck over to the stack of crates and reached down to grab two large sacks and a few feet of rope. He filled one of the sacks halfway full with dirt and the other he stuffed in his back pocket. As the crickets chirped and the wind blew slowly through the vale, the young halfling snuck up behind the unaware scarecrow. In a quiet flash, the Halfling threw the bag full of dirt over the head of the scarecrow and tied it securely around his neck. The dirt muffled the warning laughter of the scarecrow as Jallil quickly picked up all the Jumjum roots he could and shoved them into his sack. As quietly as he came the halfling snuck out of the farm.
Jallil chuckled as he ran back towards his house, excited about his new found treasure. As he turned a corner on his way back he slammed into a virtual wall of a person, and they both fell to the floor dropping their possessions. As Jallil looked up he gasped in horror as he saw violet eyes glowing under a hooded cloak. The figure quickly grabbed it’s own bag and disappeared before the young halfling could even blink. Frightened, Jallil grabbed his bag and ran back to his home. Quietly sneaking back inside to his bed, he tossed the sack underneath, and closed his eyes. I think it was safe to say that the young halfling had nightmares that evening.


The cloaked figure, making sure he hadn’t been followed, quietly ran out to the Kithicor Woods. Satisfied that he had been successful in his mission he slumped down near a tree and took a deep breath. He opened the bag and looked in to see the treasure that he had discovered beneath the Halfling river. As he looked inside a wave of anger and fear consumed his body.
“What is this?” The dark man exclaimed, “Damn that Halfling!!!!! DAMN HIM!!”

Chapter 2 - Kindly Visitor

The next morning Jallil woke to the sound of his mother cooking in the kitchen. Shaking the sleep away that still remained in his head he slowly rose to take in the new morning. The smell of the fresh berry cakes filled the air and the sounds of a Rivervale awaking were now beginning. Suddenly Jallil remembered the night before and fell onto the floor and looked under his bed.
“Whew, still there” Jallil managed to croak out.
A sigh of relief echoed through his body as every muscle that was still tense from the night before relaxed. He slumped back into his bed, too exhausted from the night before and it’s lack of sleep to stand up. As he lay back he listened to the sound of his heart beating slower and slower. Jallil dozed slowly back to sleep, only this time it was a deep sleep. A few hours later Jallil’s mother barged into his room and shook him awake.
“Get up you lazy oaf! Don’t forget you’ve got a very important post lunch pre dinner snack with a very special lady!” She said.
Jallil groaned as he forgot about his so called “date” with the resident dope of a woman that his mother set him up with.
“Mah! I’ve already told you, I don’t really think she’s my type.”
“No one is your type! Not Flyda, nor Saffle, or Glinda! One of these days I’m just going to have to stop trying to set you up and you’ll be all on your own!”
Jallil grinned under his teeth. That was exactly what he was hoping she would do. He figured he’d go to the post lunch pre dinner snack with Hiala and break the news to her, and be back in time for the weekly pie eating contest. Jallil rose out of bed once more, threw on his clothes and went into the kitchen to rustle up some grub.
In preparation for the big contest tonight Auli Wurden was cooking up a host of pies, Jumjum, berry, and pumpkin were all on the menu. Jallil attempted to sneak behind his mother and grab one of the pies before she noticed but it was all for nothing. Just as he reached his hand out to nab one of the delicious Jumjum pies a rolling pin whapped squarely over his head.
“Jallil Terrance Wurden! Get your grabby hands away from those pies before I give you another good clockin on the noggin! You may have the oatmeal I prepared for you for breakfast that is now cold, or you get nothing.”
The young halfling reluctantly took the bowl of oatmeal while he rubbed his head and gobbled it down in an instant. After he finished his meal he went and sat in the sun for a while before he went and broke the news to Hiala. As he walked on later that day the sun was just beginning to set, and he felt a longing grow within his heart. The young halfling just dismissed it as mere heartburn or indigestion and continued on his way to the pie eating contest.
As he approached the square, tents were set up and most of the halflings in Rivervale were dancing. A young half elven bard was sitting in the corner playing his music and apparently playing well, for the whole crowd was into his music. Jallil walked up to a table near the darkest end of the area and sat and watched. As time went on the dancing continued and so did the drinking, and lots of the halflings got really silly, making jokes and sharing stories. As Jallil sat and laughed at the scene that was laid out before him he heard a familiar voice speak to him.
“A silly lot these townsfolk are. I tell you Jallil you shouldn’t be mixed in with these fellows.”
Jallil looked up to the gentlemen addressing him, smiled and laughed.
“Uncle Jsan! So good to see you! It’s been ages!” said the ecstatic halfling.
“Aye, my boy. The road is demanding and there are many a peril plaguing these lands as of late.”
“Well I’m just glad to see you home, please PLEASE, tell me about all your travels!”
“Hah hah! I see the fire of our kind burning in your soul my dear nephew! I wish not discuss it now, perhaps we will speak tomorrow on the matter. I shall be in town for a couple of days, we’ll have plenty of time to talk. For now, Drink and Enjoy the atmosphere! All will be changing soon.”
The young halflings ears perked at the final words of his uncle. Changing? What did he mean. Jallil looked up to question, but saw that his uncle’s eyes were lost in the entertainment. He decided to dismiss it and enjoy the rest of his evening with his favorite relative.
“Aye, lets drink then.” said Jallil as he grabbed his ale and polished it off.

Chapter 3 - The Dark Tide

“THWAP!” Jallil staggered and fell to the ground from the blow that Jsan had dealt to him.
“Move faster my boy, you can’t call yourself a halfing if you move that slow, now lets try again!”
Jallil sighed as he stood up, dusting the dirt from the rich thicket ground off of his tunic. The young halfing always loved the air out in the Misty Thicket, it seemed to suit his tastes. It was dark and hazy, and beyond the guard walls he’d had many a fun afternoon going to pick on the goblins that sat at their camps. As Jallil steadied himself in preparation for the next attack he sensed something moving in the distance back in the dark woods.
“GYAHHH!” Jsan shouted as he lunged toward his nephew with staff in position to deal a deft blow to the head. Jallil dodged this attack and the melee began. With his practice sword Jallil swung towards his uncle’s back and in a flash it was parried away by the skillful staff of the druid. Returning the attack, the staff was sent hurling downward and the younger of the two flipped to his side and swept the legs out from under the older. Jsan fell to the floor with a shout of surprise and rolled backwards until he stopped at the base of a tall oak. With a heavy sigh the druid stood and smiled at Jallil.
“Very skillful indeed! I didn’t even see that one coming nor did I expect it!”
Jallil laughed “ I’ve been practicing on the resident pests, I’m getting handy with this clunky old weapon.”
As Jallil swung his sword around in mock combat he swore he saw something move in the distance again. Ears perked he scanned the dark thicket, looking for any signs of apparent danger.
“Uncle, have you noticed anything unusal today?” the young halfling asked curiously.
“Other than the fact it hasn’t rained yet no, why do you ask?”
Jallil shrugged as he replied. “Oh nothing, I must just be seeing things.”
Just as he completed his sentence the young halfling ducked and rolled as a dagger flew by and struck the tree not a foot from Jsan’s head. A cry escaped from the surprised druid as another volley of daggers flew towards the duo. Jallil ran past his Uncle who followed shortly after. Looking behind him in his run for the gates Jallil saw a set of glowing violet eyes about to jump on top of him. Jallil cringed as he expected the figure to come crashing down on top of him. Instead, an arrow whizzed right past his ears with a whif and plunged into the Teir’dals heart. A figure in the distance began to shout.
“Hurry my little friends, time is of the essence!“ shouted a Half Elf dressed in a ranger’s clothes.
As the two halflings reached the half elf, he began to run with them.
“What in BLAZES was that?!“ Shouted Jallil, not aware yet what Dark Elves looked like.
“That, little one was a Dark elf or in my tongue the Teir’dal. I wouldn’t slow, there are more on the way.“
When the trio finally reached the gates the deputies raised from their seats and prepared their weapons as they looked on in shock. Deputy Tagils’ pipe dropped out of his mouth as he looked on in a state of horror. Jallil looked back not seeing one pair of eyes anymore, but at least several dozen dark figures closing in on the Great Wall of Brell.
“CLOSE THE GATES!” Shouted Deputy Asner as a couple of recruits went and closed the gate.
“Jallil, go inform the mayor, we can’t hold off against this type of attack by ourselves!” cried Jsan as he raised his arms in preparation for a spell.
“But uncle,” Jallil said as he grabbed a sword that was resting against the guard post “I want to stay and fight, send one of the recruits!”
As a bolt of lightening ripped from Jsan’s fingers he shouted “I said GO!”
Jallil realized that the longer he protested the more lives would be lost. The young halfling dropped his sword and high-tailed it back to the town to inform the mayor.


“I want to formally thank you for saving my nephews life, ranger” Jsan shouted over the sounds of the fray.
“It was nothing, I’ve been tracking the movements of these figures for quite some time now. I feared that I would have been too late” replied the ranger as he let loose a volley of arrows into the combat.
The two were perched atop the wall now, slinging arrows and spells down upon the battle. The halflings were becoming quickly outnumbered as more and more Teir’dal started to come to the top of the wall.
“Where are those damn reinforcements?” shouted Deputy Pharyn which stood next to them slaying any who attempted to come near. Another deputy ran by in an apparent state of fear, with the look of a necromantic spell that had consumed his mind in his eyes.
“Damn these evils!” shouted Jsan as he threw another spell down at a Teir’dal which was about to suck the life from a nearly dead warrior laying on the ground.
The sound of many small footsteps began to emanate from behind the combat. As Jsan whirled around he saw most of the inhabitants of Rivervale had come bearing weapons. The clerics, the paladins, the warriors, the druids, the rangers, and even the rouges had all shown up to defend their town. Spells and arrows whizzed by as the warriors and paladins of rivervale ran to join the fray.


Jallil now in a set of leather garb followed behind the advancing warriors and paladins. With a sword in one hand and a shield in the other the Halfling collided with the forces of the dark. The evil was slowly getting pushed back to behind the Great Wall of Brell by the advancing halfling troops.
As he ran past a warrior who was in combat with a dark knight, Jallil was struck by a blunt force. He toppled over and lost his sword and shield in the confusion. Dazed and not quite sure what to do the young haflling began to hear nothing but his own breath. The air flowed in and out of his lungs, the speed decreasing with each breath. The sounds of the combat died out around him and a voice began to call out to him.
“Feel the blood flow within your veins my child.” whispered the mysterious voice.
A flash went before his eyes and all the young halfling could see was darkness. In the middle of that darkness glowed a pair of violet eyes.
“Yesss” called the slithering voice “Let the blood FLOW!!!”
Jallil jumped up with a dagger in his hands that seemed to appear from nowhere. A red tint began to consume his eyes until all that the young haflling could see was a deep red nothingness. After that, the young halfling could remember nothing.

Chapter 4 - The Change

A loud boom echoed throughout the walls of the darkened halfling home. Jallil shot out of bed in an instant breathing heavily. As he looked around the candlelit room he wiped the sweat off his brow. He saw a darkened room that seemed to glow with warmth. In the middle of the dark room was the bed where he was sitting and next to it was a rickety old wooden nightstand. On top of that stand a lone candle lay burning almost coming to it’s wicks end. Sitting adjacent to the candle a glass of water was placed and Jallil promptly whisked it up and consumed it in a heartbeat. As he finished off the drink he saw a familiar halfling sitting staring out the window at the pouring rain.
“Tunare cries for us, Jallil.” Said Jsan with an agony in his voice.
“What happened uncle? Is everyone alright?” said the wounded halfling wincing with a sudden wave of pain.
As Jallil spoke he heard a soft hymn flow into the window and gradually overtake the sound of the rain beating against the hard ground. He sat up and walked towards the window to join Jsan. As he approached his uncle he saw a solemn march coming into view past the window with candles and torches ablaze. Leading the march was the Mayor Gubbin, followed directly after by Meeka Diggs the cleric Guildmistress. Following closely behind them were a host of priests singing a holy hymn as they continued upon their somber procession. He’d seen something like this once before, it was a memorial service for those who had died in combat. As the march progressed it brought more townsfolk, weeping women and children, and warriors who had aided in the fray. Singing a soft hymn written in the language of the hobbit’s the priests began to pass by the window.

“The land is full of wonder
And You’ve met adventures end.
Quietly we pray for you, we
Sing for you the dead.

Your merry words we’ll always hear
Throughout the stormy nights
We’ll lift our heads in joyous cries
When we face our plights

Even though your feet be still
Remember you we will
Remember you we will.”

The torch lit procession continued the song as it quietly faded with it’s marchers. When the last light faded from the corner of the rocks Jsan turned to speak.

“Twenty six Jallil, Twenty six brave halflings died yesterday.” Jsan barely seemed able to croak out the words. “No matter how many times I see the procession of the dead I can never get over it.”
Jsan slumped back in to the chair which he was resting against and breathed in a heavy sigh.
“What happened uncle?” Jallil said as he rubbed his aching head “I can’t seem to remember a blasted thing”
“I wish I were so lucky.” The old halfling said as he took out his pipe. “You might want to get back into your bed, your mother wouldn’t want to see you out of it in that condition.”
Jallil looked down and noticed his wounds for the first time. His right arm and torso had been bandaged, portions of it a crimson red with dried blood. He looked in the mirror across the room at his image. He was fairly pink in some spots but other than his bandages he really didn’t look that bad. The young halfling sulked back over to his bed and pulled himself back under the covers.
“After you came back with the rest of the town I thought that we were saved. The forces at the wall were quickly being overwhelmed and the Dark Elves were almost upon us. The rest of the folk who came quickly threw themselves into the fight, half of the wall guards had already perished by the time they had got there. The tides had started to turn in our favor when I looked to the ground and noticed you entering the battle. I watched in horror as you were pummeled to the floor by the back of a shield bore by a strong Teir’dal. He turned his attention to you and it looked like he was about to bring his sword down through your heart when something really odd happened.” The older halfling seemed to trail off.
“What? Go on!” squealed Jallil
“Well the oddest of odd things happened” stated Jsan with a puzzled look on his face. “Suddenly a giant flash of dark red light went off and the Teir’dal surrounding you flew about 30 meters into the air backwards and landed dead. As the light died down I saw you standing in the middle of a glowing red orb of magic or at least that’s what I thought it was. All the combatants paused for a brief moment as their attention turned before this bewildering sight.”
“I thought I had just laid there on the floor, what on earth happened?” said Jallil
“Just like that” Jsan snapped his fingers “You darted off and dropped two Dark Elves and continued on to more. You moved like quicksilver; not even stopping for a second to regain your thoughts as you plunged that dagger into the backs of the fleeing Teir’Dal.”
As Jsan told his story he pointed to the dull dagger that sat next to Jallil on the table.
“After the Dark Elves fled the battle you collapsed into a heap upon the floor. It’s a good thing Kaya was there to help you, she bandaged you up before you could bleed all over the place.”
Jallil sat in bewilderment. He figured that such an extraordinary event would have triggered some sort of memory but his mind just stayed blank.
“Well, I’ve already exceeded my stay here my young friend. I just wanted to make sure that you were alright and that you’d wake so I could figure out what happened.” said the older halfing as he slowly rose from his chair. “But it doesn’t look like that is going to happen.”
“You can’t leave Uncle, I’ve got so much more to ask you about your travels!” protested Jallil as he attempted to get out of his bed.
“No, you stay here little one” said Jsan as he raised a hand “you’ve got more important things to accomplish back here like finding yourself a job.”
“Job shmob, I want to travel the world like you do!”
“You simply mustn’t Jallil, your mother would be worried sick about you and I‘d never hear the end of it.” replied Jsan “Its been a pleasure my boy but I must exeunt after I pay a visit to your mother and father. Adieu fair nephew my hopes that you feel well soon and I wish you the best of luck!”
Jsan closed the door behind him, locked it, and whistled his way to the front door of the house. The longing in the young halfling’s heart began to burn again as he stared at the closed door. After a half minute of deliberation the young halfling came to a decision. Throwing off the blanket Jallil hopped down onto the floor, put on his tunic, grabbed the small dagger, and leaped out the window into the rain. Jolting back to his home from the makeshift hospital Jallil decided to gather a few belongings and meet up with his uncle before he left for the woods of Kithicor. He snuck slowly behind his uncle who was keeping a fairly lax pace as he headed toward the Wurden residence. As his uncle knocked and entered the front door Jallil snuck around to his usual entryway and jumped into his room. He couldn’t carry much with him so he decided to grab a cloak to keep the rain out of his eyes and his tunic fairly dry. He grabbed a small pouch to fasten to his belt for the few gold pieces he had saved over the past couple of weeks. He reached behind his dresser for a small box that contained a few pieces of leather armor and quickly slipped on the contents. Stomach growling Jallil peeked under the bed to see if the sack of roots were still sitting there.
“Ah good! These should make a pleasant snack on the journey.” Jallil thought to himself as he yanked the sack from under the bed and into his rucksack.
Hearing the sounds of the door closing in the other room Jallil perked his ears. He quickly scribbled a note to his mother and father telling them not to worry and that he would be sure to be back in time for next years pie festival. As he placed the note neatly on his pillow he sat and took in the comforts of his bedroom for just a moment.
“I’ll miss you room, we spent a lot of good nights rests together.” Jallil said quietly to himself as he leaped out the window once again into the dwindling rain.
Jallil again pursued his uncle who had picked up his pace in heading to the tunnel that exited to the woods of Kithicor. The sun began to peek through as the morning had just begun to show its twinkling rays. Just before Jsan reached the tunnel Jallil shouted out in triumph.
“Uncle, you know I hardly ever listen to you.”
“Blast it kid, you’re giving me a real head thump” scowled the older of the two as he turned.
“Whether you like it or not I’m leaving this heap. I’m tired of the same old grind every day and I’m ready for some new adventures!” Jallil said proudly.
After studying Jallil’s face for a few seconds Jsan‘s lips cracked into a big toothy grin.
“I’ve always known you had the spirit of Bristlebane in you junior, just didn’t think it’d come to surface so soon.”
Jallil raced up to stand with his uncle as a figured dropped from atop a ledge in the rock down to the ground right next to them.
“I’d like to accompany you as well friend, it seems both our paths have crossed on purpose.” said the astute half-elf. “I apologize for not introducing myself sooner, my name is Keidin, Ranger of the Glade.”
“The more the merrier sir,” chuckled Jsan “this may turn out to be the adventure you’ve been seeking nephew. We’ll just have to wait and see what becomes of this.”
The three turned towards the gate to the wood and with a few laughs they vanished into the darkness of the tunnel.

Jallil Wurden
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Default Very nice

Hey there you! Nice to see your still around sweetie! Hope you have been well. Maybe I'll catch you IG sometime eh? hehe

I enjoyed reading it am looking forward to your next installment. Anxious to find out what that big flash was all about.
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More, more, please! Can't wait to see how it continues.
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