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Default Black Lawmakers Complain About Kerry Campaign

Black Lawmakers Complain About Kerry Campaign
Saturday September 11, 2004 12:23pm

Baltimore (AP) - Black lawmakers, including a Maryland congressman, are complaining that Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry (website - news - bio) isn't doing enough to energize black voters.

Representative Albert Wynn says the campaign needs advertisements on black radio and television.

Wynn says black voters need to hear about housing and health care issues in a less generic way.

Wynn made his comments in an interview with The (Baltimore) Sun during the annual legislative convention of the Congressional Black Caucus.

Wynn's remarks came on the heels of a heated meeting this week between House Democrats and senior advisers to Senator Kerry's campaign.

Wynn says the Kerry campaign had failed to marshal black community-based voter drive organizations and local leaders with experience registering voters
Hmm i thought it was republicans suppressing blacks from supporting Kerry.
He must be a plant.

Nice op/ed on the situation

quote from there

Much of Senator Kerry's message to black audiences, however, is drawn from negative and sometimes ugly stereotypes about putatively "black" concerns. For example, while speaking before the Urban League in July, Kerry stressed the need for more Section 8 funding rather than stressing home-ownership, and stressed government programs more than entrepreneurship (because, you know, most blacks are either on welfare or otherwise dependent on the government). He's done so without challenge. Imagine the justifiable outrage if Kerry had employed offensive stereotypes when courting voters from other ethnic groups. Even when not engaging stereotypes Kerry tends to appeal to the lowest common denominator — a bland Huey Long.
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I see you have discovered the National Review online, Chukles. Won't be long and you will be swapping more than just semen with your new found Republican buddies.
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