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Default United RP Conference OOC

Greetings Roleplayers of Norrath!

My name is Kat and I was a formed roleplayer on E Marr. After two years, I decided to return and help organize the effort on the server’s many RP guilds.

What kills roleplaying? The number #1 thing is communication. Guilds do not know each other or lose communication with one another. I can make an example of a guild that forgot they had allies because of leadership switches. I can also point out lack of charter’s posted up. Guilds need these to show other people who wish to RP what and who they are.

I am calling a conference for roleplayers of E Marr to come and establish a charter/council to determine where we are going. A council would help not only to encourage RP, but help organize mass events, storylines, wars, and alliances. It can open doors to guilds wanting to write or RP in game, as well as keep everyone there up to date on story lines.

Long ago Edwrin Obsidian did this and gathered many of the great RP Guilds of Norrath. Children of Darkness, Knights of the Holy Storm, Sanhedrin, and a few others gathered with Brotherhood of Obsidian to help ignite events. It worked, except for the fact they never held another one and just abandoned the conference.

Where can we go from here? A strong council that can set down by-laws on actions of Rpers at strongest? Or a lose confederation of storytellers? Perhaps somewhere in the middle.

This conference will act for us to forge a charter and set down what these meetings are for and what they are to do. Worst case is I think a great number of Norrath’s most interesting characters can gather together and talk, something we have not done in a long time.

Thus far Circle of Dreams, Children of Darkness, Empire Sheol, and Legion of Kithicor have signed on. I have yet to speak with Knights of the Holy Storm, Order of Magus Tytalus, and Dark Chosen. Some other guilds will be invited as well, and any other interested parties may attend.

A date and time is not set, but it will be a month in advance, and most likely a weekend evening. I need to speak to the invited guilds and ask them what time is best, and go from there.

Interested? Have a comment? Just give a wee reply to this post if you like.

Thank you,
Kat, Player behind Attica X’Layan
Attica X'Layan
Karai Tunaria
Naarga Ktulu
Nuzzley Bardstomper
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