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Aishen L`Fey
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Default Silent Farewell

(Found this while cleaning my hard drive. Actually wrote this a year ago for the purposes of a goodbye post, but never got around to it. Thought I'd share.)

Adventure called and beckoned to the once-young elf many ages ago. Now, the eyes that once twinkled at the prospect of adventures and journeys to distant lands that were then still frontiers unmapped and unconquered... well, the glistening of her eyes no longer bore the luster it once possessed. The fire of the blonde flame seemed subdued now.

As she lifted her face to greet the setting sun, the many scars from battles forgotten marked where supple skin once grew. The twilight edged near; she felt it in the earth, she smelled it in the wind, and most of all, she knew it in her heart.

As the cold and unyielding winds of the frozen lands swept over the open terrain, the elf remembered all who crossed her path and a wan smile spread over her lips in remembrance of times long gone. They were indeed good times filled with good humor and fine folk.

Her armor creaked and groaned against the fierceness of the frigid climate and immediately she realized just how heavy her garb had suddenly become. For years she had donned armor much like what she wore now, yet never had the weight of the fine chain and plate been so unbearable.

The wind howled now. Twilight was near. The stars did not sing their usual melody, but instead, sung a bittersweet lament. The words were a mystery to the elf, for she did not understand the ancient tongue. She was always strong and true with the natural forces and would hear and feel many things others could not perceive, yet this was the first time she ever heard Norrath sing a tune so foreign to her.

I served you well as your forester, your guardian and defender, her mind spoke, understanding and finally accepting what was coming to pass. Her thoughts drifted to younger days when time moved slow and was sweet like honey.

Her thoughts carried her back to her childhood in Kelethin and the sweet smell of fresh leaves and rain that perfumed the elven faydark. She then sailed across the weeping ocean, standing stalwart beside her faithful gnomish friend. Eventually she was met with Freeport, a city of stone vastly different from her own Kelethin. She considered turning back for the forest, but was glad she stayed once her eyes cast their gaze upon the sandy shores of the sun god's desert. What a sight that was to behold! Adventure after adventure, friend after friend, love after love, her mind swept her through images and memories of each place and person that passed before her.

Eventually, she felt a bitter pain in her heart. Her spirit knew the new generation had taken the flag of victory and glory from her, and she was one of the last that remained of the elders. She was archaic, a relic, a memory passed, lost, and forgotten. How lovely it would be, she thought, if I could return to the Kelethin I knew, the fragrant forest I loved as a child?

The earth then moaned beneath her feet. The skies darkened and hummed. The torrent of wind slowed to a sweet gale, and the scent of honeysuckle filled the air. The twilight had descended, and though she could not see through the snow, she knew it had come. She felt it in the earth, the wind, and she could smell it in the air.

Then, the snow cleared and the moon glowed. The soft, lucid moonlight hovered in the air with excitement, and the snow across the frozenlands shone bright as mithril. For miles, all that could be seen were plains of silver snow, except, that is, a single stone, large as a troll. Linings of crystal frost clung to the hard edges of the weighty rock, and neatly thrust into it from atop was a blade of power. Glitters of sparks flew along its length and the velium hilt glistened and sparkled. The glittering blade hummed against the wind, yet with one swift torrent and sweep of brisk air, the sword faded from view.

The Lady had taken back her forester and the storm god had reclaimed his gift to the ranger.

All was done and all had come to a close. The last adventure was finished and the final chapter had ended, and with the wind and passing day had gone Aishen L`Fey.
Aishen L`Fey
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Great last chapter or epilogue... would love to read the full story sometime. Either that or see a sequel, but since its a farewell post, go in grace Aishen... wish I'd known ya.

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Aye.. Aish has a way with words
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