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Dalamarn Darkgem
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Default Going for a dip... in Tim Deep on accident that is

The following happened as I was playing my low level alt with a swimming skill of (7).

Well, I was catching a romantic boat ride with a friend from BB to Kunark... or so I thought. As the shuttle out of BB pulled alongside the main ship, it knocked me off into the water (in the middle of Timourous Deep). The boat quickly took off (that is one FAST boat).

I quickly realized that I could be in trouble. I didn't have a map with me to know where I was and there was no land in site. I also didn't know what swims in those waters (although I know a few NASTY creatures dwell there).

Knowing I might need aid, I do a /who and discover a 44 necro in the zone. I shout out that I got knocked off the boat and need to swim to land. The necro shouted back that he didn't know which way I needed to go. I then asked if he was standing on land. He told me yes.. so I told him to give me the f*cking /loc. He gave it to me.. adding a "DOH.. sorry about that."

As I head off in that general direction, I notice my stamina dropping at a frightening pace. On the plus side, my swimming has gone up from 7 to the low 40s by the time land is in site. I see land and drag myself ashore, gasping for breath and thanking whatever Gods might be present. Luckily, the island appeared to be deserted by man and beast alike.

After swimming around the island for about an hour trying to get the hang of this dog paddling thing, I head off for the island I need to reach in order to get back on the boat (Elven Island). Unfortunately, it was on the far side of the zone. I was a little over halfway when I ran out of stamina. Luckily, I had a bit of food and water which held me over till I reached the island. [THANK GOD I converted all that copper into food and water!]

I crawl ashore once again and drag myself to the dock where I hop on the shuttle that goes out to meet the ship. I scowled threateningly at the ship as I approached (didn't help, but made me feel better). This time, the shuttle pulled gently alongside the ship and allowed me to step aboard.

FULL SPEED AHEAD to the land of the leezards, where my loving lady was waiting. I guess all's well that ends well. I faced seriously delays, but at least the lady likes the muscles I got swimming the seven seas.
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Hehehe...cute story! I've actually had this happen quite a few times (I cross my fingers every time I approach the boat).

But you know, you could have petitioned and if a Guide had gotten to your petition before you got back to the boat he would have summoned you out of there to FV

Twice I've done that and it saved me a lot of time. The first time it happened I went to a deserted island that I was lucky enough to find and made Windzer come out there and port me out (THANKS WINDZER!!!) Actually, he was just nice enough to do it hehehehe
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Dalamarn Darkgem
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hehe.. I would have petitioned, but didn't think I could tread water for 3 hours. It was SCARY but made it back on boat faster than the average GM response.

If I would have died, I would have petitioned like a madman. As it was, I made it out with a sense of satisfaction, the thrill from braving the unknown, a funny story to share, and a greater sense of discomfort during sea travel.

LOL.. oh yeah.. and a much better swimming ability ;-)
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