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Jethal Silverwing
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Default They're Coming...

Across Norrath, the Guild Houses were buzzing with the news that the Ranger's Guildleader had returned to Kithicor to re-open for business.

Maesyn Trueshot of Kelethin and Hager Sureshot of Surefall Glades were heard speaking in the Weary Foot Rest Inn (rivervale) with Megosh Thistlethorn, the newest trainer from Rivervale..

Maesyn: "Surely he cannot conduct business with the land being cursed !! He's Mad!!"
Megosh: "I've only set up shop recently.. what's going on here?"
Hager: "Aye, little one, it's that Kithicor fella.. yer boss, son.. he's actually moved back into his old cabin. Brought that pet of his too.. Karana and Tunare help them both.. if Innoruuk got word of this.."

/Megosh Shivers

"I just spoke to the old man.. he's really going to do it.." - the door opens and an elven ranger walks in..
Maesyn "Erikal !! all the way from the Castellum? Good to see you, moonwalker!"
Erikal: "old Kith says he's had enough and he's fighting back.. something about an old student coming to lead an army to defend against the dark bastard's forces"

Megosh "We can't let him do this! He'll be killed for sure!"

:: Throughout Rivervale it's heard.. a battle cry of a bear.. not just any bear.. the thunderous roar echo's through the halls and snug hobbit holes, shaking the walls of of Fool's Gold and is heard in the mines of High Hold Keep ::


Morin Shadowbane bursts through the door of the Inn, his clothes torn, Tier'Dal blood streaks his face..

Morin "By Karana's Thunder!! The Fool's done it now!!"
Maesyn: "Morin, what's happened??"
Morin: "Ioltis V'ghera was sent to investigate Kithicor's movements for Neriak.. Thumper, the old man's pet.. torn him limb from limb.. The Indigo Brotherhood is sure to hear of this."

Hager stands and faces the window out into the quiet tranquility of the Rivervale Pond.. he lowers his head for a moment..

Hager: ".. it's begun"

Commotion is heard inside the Fool's Gold, the collective of Ranger Trainers runs to investigate.. Hendi Mrubble of the Cleric's Guild is in tears..

Mayor Gubbin: "now now, Hendi.. out with it lass, what's all this then?"
Hendi: "it's.. it's.. he's gone in there.. o'some one stop him!!"
Sheriff Roglio: "Who's gone where?"

Hendi stretches out her hands to reveal a pure silver arrow in her clutches, the fletchings are shaped as wings

Hendi: "He's gone to join that mad Ranger's fight against the Fallen!! please stop him!!"

The Rangers in attendance gaze at the arrow, then turn to eachother..

Ranger Trainers: "... it's Jethal"
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