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Default Dale Peterson

I thought about putting this in funny stuff. This ad has it all.

This has been getting allot of attention around youtube. I can't decide how I feel about this guy. Part of me thinks "Hell yeah! Get em Dale!" and part of me wonders if Axgar moved to Alabama.
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I hope he wins just to piss off Bumbletard.
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LOL wow. But .. Id vote for him just to counter the left wing crazies.
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Sociopathic bully?
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Originally Posted by SupportTank View Post
LOL wow. But .. Id vote for him just to counter the left wing crazies.
In Alabama? What's to counter?
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LOL - the repetitive zooming in and out of his face was a bit much, but I loved the few seconds where they lingered on the horses sad eyes and the "stealing yard signs in the dead of night" line.
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