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Umm, in case you guys didn't know this Tony Blair is by no means a conservative. He came to power in a sweeping election of the Labor party. This is a liberal party. Leaning more towards socialism. To suggest that the Observer is being anti- conservative is a mistake. Dub-ya is a conservative, Blair is a Liberal. How then if the Observer criticizes both is it being deemed that they are a liberal rag.
It seems the gig is up fellow conservatives. This time blaming the source just isn't going to work. It appears more likely that you like to label news organizations as "liberal" if they post anything you disagree with. It just doesn't fly in this case. Given your weak reasoning, the Observer should actually be a conservative paper since they are so harshly criticizing Blair who resides as their PM. Of course you conservs don't want to call them a conservative rag because that would do two things to hurt your already weak case. A) It would mean that they are trustable since they are conservative and B) Calling them liberal negates your entire argument.

In case you don't believe me about the Labor party, here is the link to their website
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I don't think it's liberal. I do think they made a bunch of stuff up though.
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