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Default Gortrick

Gortrick, aka Rulean, aka Chetaria was removed from the Aegis Wolves last night for repeated ninja looting.

He loots and camps, also uses the tired /random 99 100 trick to win lottos.

Group with at your own risk..
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Old 02-08-2001, 10:09 AM   #2
Kildara StormShadow
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Wow, Chetaria is still around? I used to group with her waaaay back when in Mistmoore. She would ninjaloot constanly (especially the coveted gargoyle eyes) and refuse to roll on anything that she would loot, but would demand that we roll on anything that someone else looted (very rarely someone else would get a chance to loot). And if she lost a random, she would throw a fit and whine and moan about how poor she was and how she didnt have a huge guild supporting her (oh please, i was in the Crusaders of Destiny at that time, and while they are great people, they are by no means a "huge guild"). Sometimes she would get others in the group to fall for her act and give her the stuff that they won. Then she'd brag later about how she now had 3 stacks of gargoyle eyes.

I hadnt seen her/him in ages so i just assumed she left the game (wishful thinking). Ugh, but she/he has alts. Thanks for the heads up.

Kildara StormShadow
Druid of the 45th Circle
Pax Familla
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Yep, I was in the group he ninja'ed last night. Took off with a pair of Ry'gorr arms. Was very nice of his guildmates to come up with replacement arms for our group to lotto.

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