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Excuse me, didn't the Enron guys get done under the Bush admin? Hello--not like he helped out his friends there huh?
Shine forth sweet ignorance. It was a whistleblower and plummeting stocks that did them in. And by the way, can you tell me where Ken Lay and Jeffrey Skilling are today? Not in jail I can assure you. In fact, no charges have been brought against them still and its been over 3 years. Seems to me like someone at the Justice Department likes these guys.
Here you go, some government documentation on criminal charges.
Bumbleroot, your information is out of date and simply wrong, that link is 6 months old and you ignore the other major names involved to make it look as if nothing is being done.

Firstly, Fastow (CFO) and his wife (Treasurer) are the ones the government went after first because they had very direct involvements and had the easiest case against. They were able to get a plea bargain in which both of them will provide testimony against Skilling and Lay, which is very much needed. Fastow has been sentenced to 10 years and his wife 5 months.

Secondly, Richard Causey (CAO) was indicted in Januray.

Next, Jeffrey Skilling was arrested in February and charged with 35 counts of fraud and other crimes. Lay will be next.

Are you still going to say nothing is being done? It takes time to form rock solid cases against these people, which is absolutly neccessary. If they take them to trial with half asses evidence they might not get a conviction- that would send extremely bad signals and even further degrade the implied integrity of our financial markets.

So please, spare everyone your out of date, wrong, and misleading information as if nothing is being done about Enron. Go type in google for 5 seconds and you can confirm all of this information.
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