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Gonna have to call bullshit on this story, just becuase there are no pictures from the before middle or after of the incident. Dont tell me they can get pics of John Kerry doing everything else but somehow missed the oppurtinty of filming 'some dude' confront Kerry (forget that a secret service agent wouldnt even allow this to happen in the first place) yelling in kerry's face then revaling a political tshirt (secret service would have had him on the floor crying if he made any sudden moves toward his shirt) and then having kerry bellow after him then flipping the bird. No way jose.
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I have to agree with Chuk. I would imagine the minute the man ripped open his shirt to reveal his T-shirt the Secret Service would have him on the ground. They wouldn't know he was just trying to show his T-shirt. Then again, it might be true....who knows when the internet is involved.
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You going to answer my question bumble?
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