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Default Transcript from a true tard

Transcript of chat with political humorist Al Franken
Talk show host Al Franken chatted with users on Friday, Aug. 6. "The Al Franken Show" can be heard on Air America Radio, and will soon be seen on cable TV's Sundance Channel. Franken helped launch "Saturday Night Live" in the 1970s, but in recent years has become famous as a left-leaning political humorist whose best-selling books include "Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them."

Chris_Rattey: Al Franken has joined us. Thank you for being patient.
Bushlover: Q: What's it like to be associated with the likes of Michael Moore and other Anti-Americans?
Al_Franken: I didn't know Michael Moore was anti-American. I think that his criticism about our government leader is one of the more patriotic things you can do. Nevertheless...congratulations on the question.
sam: Q: Air America Radio always seems to be in financial trouble. What's the future for your show if it folds?
Al_Franken: I understand how you have that misconception. We did have some early difficulites. Might I remind you that the Fox News channel lost $150 million in its first two years. We are currently flush and planning to go for the long run. So far, we have gotten our ratings book from two of our markets: New York, where we came in a close second to WABC. And Portland, Oregon.
harpo: Q: why do you call people liars if they dont agree with your political agenda, then slam them in public whith lies of your own?
Al_Franken: I only call people liars if they are lying. And I don't slam them in public with lies of my own. But congratulations on your question.
Rickrocks: Q: Who will win the election and why and will you write a book about it?
Al_Franken: Obviously, I'm hoping Kerry wins. And think he will. I think a majority of Americans have decided that Bush doesn't deserve reelection. And I believe that Kerry will meet the standards that most people hold for a perspective President.
Catya: Q: Do you feel that all humor must have a higher, social commentary purpose?
Al_Franken: No.
frankenfan: Q: Al- would you describe yourself as extremely liberal, a conservative democrat, or somewhere in between?
Al_Franken: I am a liberal. And depending on the issue, I can be fairly conservative liberal, or a liberal liberal.
djb: Q: Al, what do you think of the alegations from "Swift boat veterans" who weren't even on Kerry's boat, about Kerry's wartime service?
Al_Franken: You don't have to take it from me, you can take it from John McCain. They're dishonerable, and dishonest.
Dise_Dise_Baby: Q: Mr. Franken, How was it working on Saturday Night Live? WHo was the funniest actor there?
Al_Franken: It was great. Threre were a tremendous number of talented people who I worked with, and I'd hate to single anyone out.
dblood: Q: Loved "lying liars!" You were slaying me w/ that book. The "Lowry Challenge" was particularily amusing - especially his take on the exchange. Any new run-ins w/ the right tough guy?!?
Al_Franken: By "the right tough guy" are you referring to Lowry? Because I think it's pretty clear that for a guy who accuses democratic of "sissifying" politics, he is himself quite the "girlie-man."
slickricky: Q: Mr Franken, Hello and thanks for chatting with us. How are you handling the Republicans and their smear campaign of anyone who is of an alternate opinion on politics?
Al_Franken: Usually with scorn and ridicule.
Blondie: Q: Has your radio show had any impact on the balance/imbalance of condervative vs. liberal presence on the airwaves?
Al_Franken: Yeah, sure.
Dise_Dise_Baby: Q: What was more enjoyable for you, The SNL Business or Politics?
Al_Franken: For me, they're both part of the same continium of my career, which sounds like the biggest pile of crap non-answer you probably ever heard. I've liked both. They each have their satisfactions.
Al_Franken: Look, I'm trying to give short, entertaining answers....OK?
Caroline_in_the_City: Q: Al, what would you say was your biggest career "break"?
Al_Franken: That would have to be on Saturday Night Live, a late night variety show that started in 1975. It has provided breaks to many performers and writers, including myself.
johnswan: Q: Al, how do you account for Bush's continued popularity with so many Americans? (Frankly, I'm baffled.)
Al_Franken: I am too. Although I saw in a latest poll that he was down to 43% approval rating, which is normally disasterous for a sitting President. Which is why I guess he jogs so much.
Al_Franken: Look...I'm tring to give short, entertaining answers.
Petey: Q: Do you think Bush and friends have Bin Laden on ice and will trudge him out in October?
Al_Franken: No.
mryan: Q: What did you think of the DNC here in Boston?
Al_Franken: I thought it was great. From Clinton to Obama, to Edwards and Kerry...I thought they presented a very unified message. And established that Kerry is ready to lead this country.
Al_Franken: (not entertaining)
BobJonesFan: Q: Al, Are you planning to run for the Senate in Minnesota?
Al_Franken: One lace at a time. Let's win in November, and then I'll take a look at it.
BRGUNDY: Q: Why do liberals whine about every cause under the sun?
Al_Franken: Why do conservatives write stupid questions. Is it because they have their heads up their butts. Or what?
demo: Q: How do you envision a second Dubya administration would differ from the first, given that he no longer would have to worry about re-election?
Al_Franken: Well...more cronie capitalism. Total unravelling of environmental regulation. More media concentration. An America isolated from the rest of the world. In other words...more of the same.
Caleb: Q: Heh, on the topic of Michael Moore, do you think that Farhenheith 9/11 movie goers were the choir that Mr. Moore was preaching to? Or do you think that his film may have enlightened some swing voters?
Al_Franken: Both. There's nothing wrong with a choir singing together. And I'm sure undecided voters came to the film. And one of the great things about undecided voters, is that they're usually poorly informed. So this might be the only information they have.
sam: Q: That *had* to be you who played the cable news reporter in "Manchurian Candidate." A delicious bit of irony, no? How did you come to get that part?
Al_Franken: A series of auditions, painful make-up tests. No...actually I know Jonathan Demme, and he asked me to do it.
Stewart_Smalley: Q: The country is divided 50/50, why is Fox news so bad because they represent both sides?
Al_Franken: Fox doesn't represent both sides, moron. Fox is so bad because they represent one side. Why are you such a moron?
Stewart_Smalley: Q: Did GWB really lie about Iraq? The prior admin & current Dem Canidate are on the record as saying the same things.
Al_Franken: They certainly hyped the bad intelligence that they got. And overstated it. I don't believe that John Kerry ever said something like, "there is no doubt that Iraq has reconstituted its nuclear weapons program."..which Cheaney said numerous times.
Al_Franken: Also, you'll notice that President Clinton didn't ever invade Iraq. We had UN inspectors in Iraq. This administration, at the very least, misled us.
sam: Q: What do you expect from the Republican convention, and can you believe that Bush considered giving his acceptance speech at Gound Zero?
Al_Franken: I don't think he did consider doing that. I think that was a repeated joke. After the GOP decided in questionable taste to hold the convention in New York, so close to the anniversary, even Bush isn't that stupid.
cantab: Q: Hi Al -although I'm a fan, isn't there a case to be made that all politically motivated comedy compromises on its true humor content. i.e., runs the risk of being not that funny?
Al_Franken: Ummm....actually, I used all my "not that funny humor" before I got into politics. Now all my humor is "pee in your pants funny." Congratulations on your question.
Chris_Rattey: That's all the time Al Franken has the morning. Thanks to Mr. Franken for joining us, and thanks to our users for participating.

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Damn! Formatting would be good, or even just a link next time!
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