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Not to bag on all shamans.... but,

The other day I started a group and needed a slower. Was full cept for that. Asked a LFG shm if he'd like to join us. He said ok, but looking for crack. After about 5 mins he said he couldn't find any c3 and refused to group.

How gay is that?? I'm only a druid, but have to group crack-less a majority of the time because no one is on, AND I usually am MH. Don't you all get this mystical thing called canni?
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Hehe, KEI+ is a luxury. I'll grab it if it's there, but I don't need it. I frequently main heal without it.
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Old 09-19-2004, 09:51 AM   #28
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I feel like Rodney Dangerfield here.

No respect I tell ya!

/runs off screaming, flailing his arms like a goil.
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Old 09-20-2004, 12:41 PM   #29
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If a druid doesn't have AT LEAST their quickie heal up, they need to be beat with the biggest ugly stick of them all. As for a shammy, I guess the same applies, especially now that there's an extra spell gem slot.

Shaman, what, have their debuff/cripple up, slow, and what's left? Nukes, buffs (which should have already been taken care of) and maybe a dot. Plenty of space for a heal type spell. Sounds like this guy just didn't want to get aggro. 3 cheers for pick up groups!
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Old 09-20-2004, 03:04 PM   #30
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Isloor - "The only thing better than slapping an HoT on the puller is seeing the puller ask for buffs as he goes tearing ass out of range. Never done that myself of course."

Oh yes Isloor would never ever ask for a buff and run away. He doesn't group with druids as main healers either because what monk would ever join a group that didnt have a cleric.

/sarcasm off
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Old 09-20-2004, 10:04 PM   #31
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What happened to the mob after the cleric died? Who healed the group when the cleric was dead? No matter if you would have healed the cleric, who was probably FM. Would have bought her/him enough time to heal you if you took agro from her for healing her. Who else was in the group? Paladin? Beast? Ranger? any of these could have kept her on her feet if they really tried. Slackers, the lot of em.
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Old 09-21-2004, 08:10 AM   #32
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As to shaman's and heals: personally, my priorities are to malos and slow first, heal second (tnarg's mending and quiesence always loaded). If I haven't gotten agro from the first two, I'll usually cast a dot a bit into the fight.

Everybody has certain spells they prefer or use. I always have cann and root loaded and FA because the tank's are usually asking for it.

It will be nice when I get the extra slot, but not everybody is going to have it. MAny have chosen not to buy OoW and even those who do are probably grinding the levels right now and that extra slot is nice but secondary. Or, they have something else they are working for.

As to kei, having it is nice but not necesary. Certainly helps and I prefer to have it. But when all else fails I use my horse or I turn myself into a bear which adds to my regen and stats. The combination of cann5 and quiesence is what has relly helped me ALOT. I have been the slower and main healer in a few LDoN's and normally I can keep up. It's rough but I've done it a few times.

Shaman heals don't compare to cleric or druid heals...but it still can keep peeps from dying in a pinch.

Now I'm not sure the exact timing in the situation that started the thread BUT I can think of one thing that may explain the shammy in that circumstance: malos you can do off the bat. But slow you have to wait a bit to be sure the MA has agro. then when you cast, it has a longish cast time. For a shaman; the slow is going to save people more than a heal will. If they cast that heal, that is all the more time that the unslowed mob can keep beating on the tank. If the tank goes down, it almost always automatic agro on the main healer or the shaman. As a shaman, you REALLY have to trust the cleric to keep the tank up in that starting period. Once its slowed though, there is NO excuse for a shaman to not back up heal.

*shrugs* But thats just my opinion.

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Given knowledge of the situation beforehand, shaman healing may be able to keep up, however there are times when it just won't matter.

Last night, Circle of Smoke. Cleric in group is busy healing the main assist, so back up healing (or primary group healing) falls to me. A character in group got agro and couldn't shake it. HP immediately dropped to 70% on the first volley, which prompted a response by me. My whopping 1300 pt heal that takes 3.75 seconds to cast hit him when he had dropped below 40%, and moved him up to maybe 52%.

At this point it doesn't matter. Either a cleric or druid tosses something a heck of a lot stronger on him (which didn't happen) or he dies (which did). He now has full attention of the mob because his HP dropped to low. Before the next heal landed (from me) his HP showed about 18%, the next heal moved him to about 30%, and on the next volley he went poof... before my heal had a chance to hit him. Total time from when he was first hit to death was about 10 seconds.

Back in the Kunark / Velious era, the lack of healing wasn't a major problem because shaman had a multitude of tools at their disposal to keep a group alive. Multipulls could be rooted, all mobs could be slowed, and tempo of the group could be controlled. Now, with all mobs hitting alot harder, mitigating slow, rooting not an option on several mobs, and pacing controlled by how fast things can be killed, a shaman has tremendous difficulty performing the role of main healer. With plenty of AA's, Focus effects, exceptional FT, and a controlled situation it can be done. Remove any of the above, and it gets tough; remove them all, and in some zones it will not be possible.

With regard to the original thread, I still keep Tnarg's memmed. It's a decent? spell for patch healing, but if a mob really wants to puree someone I have no illusions that I will be able to stop the process once started.
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Shammy heals are enough to keep my 64 warrior alive in BoT, but not enough to keep a warrior alive in many other zones.

2 mobs + no CC in most OoW zones = death to most tanks under 8k.

I have no idea how beefed up your MA was, but honestly you should have found some Crowd Control or paci-pulled. Can't really blame ANY of the healers in a group when the pulls are bad. Just gotta pick up and move on sometimes.
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Q: who heals the shaman when he canies ? humm ..........


a heal over time and a fast heal allways loaded no reason never not to have 2 heals loaded at all times ( quiesence ,Tnarg's Mending ) here is a lil trick fer them lazy shamans cast quiesence first then Cani try it it really works i seen it oh an lets not forget about poor ole Dog Dog
he works really hard to get them slows landed b4 he get pummeled.

Dog DOG = 3-4 sec extra cast time
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