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Default Jury Renders Verdict: Tigger "Not Guilty",2933,128058,00.html

Having donned one of the ridiculous mascot outfits at least 10 times in my short life, I was completely apalled at the allegations here.

IMHO......this fellow should sue the shit out of the accusing family. =o) At least for the wages he lost being suspended w/out pay.
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Idiots and yes he should counter sue for lost wages and emotional dmgs from his fiancee leaving him.

He'd clean them out and never need to work for disney again

There should be a law that if you sue someone and loose you should have to pay them whatever you were seeking.
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Chartrand's defense attorney has contended that the girl's mother was merely after money and planned to sue Disney. The mother also claimed Tigger touched her breast during the visit to Disney World last February, although no criminal charges followed her allegation
Whoring out your 13 year old daughter for money is wrong wrong wrong.
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I can't agree any better.
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Sarrin Kanth
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So, did his fiancee come back after he was proven innocent?
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