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Default wondering if anyone remembers.....

I was sitting here, looking at the forum of retired folk, when a memory came back to me. Something that happened a long long time ago, and I was wondering if anyone else remembered this happening, or was a part of this great, great event....

It was way way back, no more that 6 months after the game came out I believe. Remember when there used to be patches like 1 to 2 times a week. The patches would always say 4 to 6 hours or so, but normally it was later. I remember this one patch day, I think it was a tuesday. I had to work that day, so the patch didnt really bother me, it was going to be done before I got home. I was planning on a great night of EQ with my ranger, hoping to beat the rush after the patch to get the leggo ledge camp in blackburrow before the others. That was back in the day when places like blackburrow and crush were full of people.

Well, I got home, sat down with my bag o' burger king, and settled in. Tried to log on, but of course, the patch was not done yet. Already and hour late. Fine, nothing new. So I hopped into the chat room, and hung out. Another hour passes. People popping in and back out to see if the servers are up. Another hour...omg..3 hours late, its 8pm, and I haven't even started playing yet. Its gonna be an ugly night. ANOTHER HOUR PASSES.

All of a sudden, the echoes chime thru the chat rooms, Servers Are Starting to Come Back Up. I sat back and said ok...not too late...maybe i can salvage something out of this. Back at the login screen, just hitting login, no, login, no, login, no......WTF? Back to the chat rooms. Watching all the servers come by one, our still a red "DOWN". Another hour passes. I jump out of chat to check servers....and all servers are up but Erollisi Marr. Every one of them. There must have been 300 people in our servers chat room, and we are all going nuts.....Why our server...wth are they doing. All of a sudden, a marque goes across the top of the chat window.....Erollisi Marr Down....NO ETA.

You have to be kidding me. No ETA? Angry mob in the chat room. Someone comes up with an idea. Didnt the new PvP servers just come up? Lets have some fun.

Now, I want to say, I am not a vendictive person. I do not go out of my way to make anyones experience less fun. But that night, there were 300 people in the EMarr chat room for 4 hours waiting for a patch to finish, and when the patch finished, all servers came up but ours, and they had the nerve to tell us there was NO ETA.

Brilliant idea, lets go to one of the PvP servers and bring it down. How? How can you bring another server down?

Well, around 60 of us all made lvl 1 monks in freeport on one of the 2 PvP servers....i don't remember which. If I remember correctly, we all started our names with a Y.....I dont know why. Then, we attacked everything that moved. A poor lvl 9 ranger was just trying to get to the tunnels in Ecommons....when he was assaulted by 60 lvl 1 monks..... Did we damage him? You screen looked like

hit for 1
hit for 1
hit for 1
hit for 1.

but there were 60 of that guy went down quick. A few of us died, but we just left our corpse, and ran back into the fight. A lvl 40 something necro came into zone, and just laid waste to all of us, but we didnt care....we just came back for more, and the corpses piled up. A few of us just started taking swipes at the guards, and dying instantly. Corpses piled up. All of a sudden, some lag, have been disconnected. Right back in. have been disconnected. Right back in...nope..gotta wait....back in....lag have been disconnected. EMarr: DOWN....PvP Server : DOWN. LMAO. It was probably one of the coolest things I have ever done in EQ, not the malicous part, I found no joy in denying others of thier play time, but ya know, I pay the same as them. It was a blast. I was wondering if anyone else out there was part of that night, and if they remember the mayhem.

Let me know....

lvl 70 Ench
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I thought you had to be level 6 before you can be killed in PvP. Maybe that is on one kind of server. They couldn't kill Fansy because of his level right?

What I do remember is the old "monster" button. You hit that button and you get thrown into the game as an NPC. I hit the button and I became a basilisk in Lavastorm. I caused all kinds of grief for some casters, but they finally killed me. That feature only lasted one night.
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