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Default Are using sessions as easy as....

Are using sessions as easy as:

To Set:
Session("loginstatus") = "loggedin"

To use:
If Session("loginstatus") = "loggedin" Then
'Grant access code
'Deny access, inform user
End If

This will keep the user logged in until they leave the site? (vbscript)

Also I am wondering about cookies... is the code below going to work to keep someone logged in for a week?

Response.Cookies ("classtest")("status") = "loggedin"
Response.Cookies ("classtest")("username") = strUserName
Response.Cookies ("classtest")("clearance") = strClearance
Response.Cookies ("classtest").Expires = Date + 7

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as for sessions, in php you have to start the session, register the variable (in your case loginstatus=loggedin when they sucessfully log in) then do the if statement at the beginning of each page you want secure. i would assume asp is close to that. and yes, cookies would allow them to stay logged in for as long as the cookie is active. you could also register a session variable for their name, permission level, and even site templates if you want to go that far with it.

it is not always good to use cookies though. for instance if the user is on a public machine (library, cafe, etc). you might want to offer them the ability to use or not use cookies to keep just anyone from having access to their stuff.
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