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Default Puto

When I was a teacher last year, I taught at a school with about 95% Hispanic students. I went to a football game they had, and when the other team would punt or perform a kickoff, the students in the stands would be going, "ooooooooooooooooo" ... starting low, but getting higher as the kicker would get closer to the kick... and right when the kicker kicked the ball, those students would yell "PUTO!" They only did this with the opposing kickers.

Well, the students were warned and some were kicked out of the stadium.

Anyway, when I was watching the World Cup, Mexico versus France... whenever the French goalie would do a goal kick, you could hear the Mexican fans doing the exact same thing.... oooooooooOOOOOOOOo.. PUTO!!!!!


By the way, "puto" is a derogitory Spanish term for gay... like "faggot" is in our language.

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Watching (mostly listening) to the MEX-URU game this morning and it's really obvious on the Univision broadcast, even over the vuvuzela drone.
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