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Default looking for Alchem

Just wondering if anyone's still in contact with Alchem?

If so have him drop me a line here thru pm pls (or email to

Xilshale Rileblooded - Iksar BST
Rhendor Iceravyn - Barbarian Zerker

Xilshale- Dark Elf Death Cleric / Armorsmith
Keldryn - Wood Elf Shaman
Dirghe Sorrowsong - Dark Elf Bard/Carpenter (yes, I build boats)
Seradon Server
Vanguard: SoH
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Default ...

I haven't seen Alchem for a while, that stinky barbarian Shammy.


If you do find him, tell him to log on!
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It's been about 2 years or so for us to see him as well. We miss him to.
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