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Default Looking for GoDly people

I have had GoD since it came out. Yet I have never been to any place related to it. If anyone goes there and does not mind me tagging along, let me know, I really would love seeing the new places.

I'm on every morning from 7am PST until I get tired, usually around 3pm PST.


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No love here. I'm pretty sure GoD is mainly for bored time guilds with nothing else to do. Maybe after the next 5 expansions I might see it. Being in Korea also shoots the shit out of doing major stuff anyway.
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Find Pawt on maybe she'll drag ya to some GoD zones.
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Expeditions in Barindu are fun and not too difficult for a single group. Natimbi is easy solo stuff. Ferubi is lots of sexy xp (and nameds) for a single group, and not often crowded. Just bring some friends with ya.
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