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Default Ok, someone kick the PR guy for the Marlins!

MIAMI (Reuters) - Get your ear plugs ready, the Vuvuzela is going global.
The Florida Marlins baseball team handed out free horns to the first 15,000 fans through the gate for their game with the Tampa Bay Rays on Saturday.
Not surprisingly, as anyone who has watched a World Cup match would know, the result was a night of constant, vibrating noise.
While the young fans brandishing the mini-version of the South African plastic horn enjoyed the fun, the players were not amused.
"This isn't soccer," Marlins second baseman Dan Uggla, who wore earplugs, told
"I know the World Cup is going on, but this is baseball. We don't want to hear horns or anything like that. We want to hear the crowd cheering. We want to hear the crowd getting behind us, not horns," he said.
The Marlins, who often struggle to draw good crowds, frequently put on bands and other attractions on Saturdays.
"We try to create either a sound or visual giveaway," said Marlins' vice president of marketing Sean Flynn. "This is probably the loudest item we've had."
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The Marlins play in a 80k stadium and looks empty even when they pull in 30k people. The weather sucks during the summer to go and you never know if its going to rain. I got tickets last year to multiple games 20 rows behind home plate for under $10. Its fun to go, but when parking costs more than the ticket nad you have to drive 40 minutes to the stadium and pay 8 bucks for a beer, I would rather stay home and watch them on TV.

Guess sometimes a hangover is good for something, or was I still drinking at that point? Either way I missed the game.
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that indian chop thingy they had going on in the 80's and 90's was annoying. But less so since they actually had some sort of tune to go with the silliness.
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Sorta sad that a major league club with two championships needs to resort to minor league gimmicks. As if we needed more proof that the league has over-expanded.
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