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Welcome back. I am glad to see that I am not the only addict who has come home. After playing several other games, I came back to Everquest because me and an old friend just wanted a game we could play together. Now I am backed to being hooked on the game, and re-learning everything is fun. As well as all the content that now is a part of the game. Evercrack addicts unite!
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I know this post is old, but i've recently been hit with the nostalgia bug and i've been trolling around.

I am so glad to see AV is back up and running! I came back during the free reactivation month last July and was horribly dismayed to get no results with the /who all altruistic. Even more so when i would ask about AV and noone knew who the heck i was talking about.

I may not have been a very significant contributing member of the guild, but for many years AV was MY guild. I am glad to see it back in action and kicking butt! I am sorely tempted to come back. It seems to occupy my thoughts more and more lately. It's good though to troll the boards and relive some memories and miss my poor little gimped out monky all the more.

Stay classy AV. I miss you guys.
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