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Default My Apolagies

A while ago my little brother told me the Identey of one of his IG friends. Prior to this he told me the name of one of them, i was on the boards searching for Clashersbanes name to see if anyone else had been scammed by him when i found a post about Ghalewind. This Kinda made me a little nervous for my bro because hes a pretty twinked char. and I didnt want him to get Scammed or anyone else to, So like an Asshole i posted The True Idenetey thing. BUT its not my fault that i wanted to keep E-marr safe, but it was Chads fault (my bro) for having that big mouth =) anyways this whole thing has turned into a soap opera and i just wanted it to stop. O yah you dont have to listen to my big mouth anymore cause i moved to Innoruk! woot
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brian your still a fag =) dont care if you did apolagize
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