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Default a longish script that is way worth it

SHADOWBANE: This ain't yer Daddy's MMORPG
_______a film by Rhynn DeMontagne

Opening Scene:

-against black backdrop,
-lightning and sound-effects: Shadowbane Logo

-Fade In, beneath logo, "This ain't yer Daddy's MMORPG"
-Fade to black

-Fade in, to rooftop view of a populated town. (See Flying Aracoix Austin party pics for p.o.v)
-Pan/Zoom down to character level to our character:

-Human, sitting on fountain edge, apparently lost in contemplation.
-Human character notices Templar/Knight approaching.
-Human rises



- Human: Excuse me, sir Knight. May I have a word?

- Templar: Certainly, how may I be of assistance?

- Human: I'm knew to these lands and these classes and professions

- Human: The discipline choices are driving me crazy. I don't know how to proceed…

- Templar: Ahh…well that is easily remedied! Y

- Templar: You have four classes, Fighter, Mage, Rogue, and Healer to start from.

- Templar: Then one profession out of 18 to choose from based upon your starting class.

- Templar: Then later, during advancement and based upon your class and profession...

- Templar: You can train up to three out of around 29 disciplines

- Templar: not counting those disciplines that are still hidden from us.

- Human is just as confused as before!

- Human: Oh…I see..bu-

- Templar Interrupts_I have followed the way of Human-Fighter-Templar-Knight…

- Human: Yes but what I really wanted…

- Templar Interrupts_I am currently torn between learning to be a Commander for battle-tactics,

- Templar: or an Undead Hunter for a more Holy pursuit….

- Human: You're simply not listening to me are..

- Templar: Interrupts_but... YOU don't have to do what I've done…

- Templar: See you can follow this chap instead.

- Templar: *points to Mage*

- Mage: What are we talking about here gentlemen?

- Templar: Character advancement..

- Human: Not really…you see..

- Mage:Interrupts_*

- Mage:Wonderful…myself I'm a Human-Mage-Channeller-Traveller

-Human groans...*

- Human: Oh wonderful…listen…

- Mage:*-Interrupts-*

- Mage:But I haven't decided whether I should go with Animator or Summoner next level…

-Human getting extremly irritated*

- Human: That's nice..but all I wanted was to know..

*Archer approaches as a few more people notice the group and come closer*

-Archer: Disciplines, eh? Aelfborne-Rogue-Ranger-Werewolf here.

- Human groaning and getting much louder..*

- Human: Look I don't care!!! ALL I want is..
- Person1: Human-Fighter here!!!!!
- Person2:Elf-Bladweaver, here!!!!!!!

- Human frustrated beyond belief begins shouting for people to stop and listen to him!!!!

*Cacaphony of voices continue as more and more people shout out class-discipline combos!!!!!!! and the crowd grows much larger!!!!!



- Person1:....'

- Mage: !

- Templar:??

- Person2:....'

-Everyone stops talking, stops moving, sounds of crickets can be heard but nothing else….

. . . . .-Archer: KILL THE SEAMSTRESS!!!!

Crowd: DEATH TO CAREBEAR, DIE EVIL CLOTHMAKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…

Dwarf:This ain't yer Daddy's MMORPG, ya frikkin seamstress!!!

.....................................................*!!!!!_ _HUMAN RUNS FOR DEAR LIFE__!!!!!!!!!!!!*

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by the way this is the 2nd place for ShadowBanes LOL contest.

(i think first place sucked)
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