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Default Evolore: The History of Guide Evotamer


_ _ _ _ On a stormy night in Erudin, an Erudite male named Evotamer was born. Evotamer is son of Evotamus Holyblade, Paladin of the Deepwater Knights, and his mother is Kitara, Enchantress of the Craft Keepers of Erudin. His whole family were worshippers of Quellious. Evotamer was never forced to follow in the footsteps of his parents. He was allowed to choose his own destiny, by inheriting his father’s bravery and his mothers charm, Evotamer became quite a popular child as he grew up.

_ _ _ _ Evotamer in his younger stages of his life followed his father around quite frequently. During Evotamer’s free time he would run around on the docks of Erudin and cheerfully swing around a wooden sword his father made for him. Knowing that his strength would never match that of a Dwarf, or his wisdom would never match a High Elf, Evotamer worked on his precision of his meele skills.

_ _ _ _ When Evotamer was 16 years of age, he became the youngest to be enrolled at the Deepwater Knights training school. Despite all other trainees being older and physically bigger than Evotamer, he trained with all his might and soon was top of his class. At the age of 17, Evotamer went with his father on a raid to the Estate of Unrest, however all did not go as planned. During the raid ghouls, carrion ghouls, and skeletons outnumbered them. As they were fleeing to Dagnor’s Cauldron, Evotamer saw some other people that got caught up in the chaotic mess. Evotamer told his father and his men to leave, while he stayed behind and made sure everyone evacuated the premise safely. For this, Evotamer won the metal of honour.

_ _ _ _ At the time of Evotamer’s 20th birthday, the Protectors of Erollisi summoned him into Sunset Home. They told him they had been watching him throughout his childhood and knew that he was one of the few chosen ones. The task in front of him would be to help those that required help within Norrath. Evotamer stunned but the beauty of Sunset Home. From there he could see all of Norrath and within the Palace were many memorials of the honoured Guides that had passed on from before his arrival. Evotamer obliged to the new task ahead, and was given his Staff of Guidance for which he could use in event of trouble.

_ _ _ _ Evotamer learned much as an apprentice, learning what it took to become a guide, and a good guide. Under the Guidance of Kalari, Nerena, Moonlite, Lavenir and Valtron Evotamer learned the tricks of the trade quickly. Upon his promotion to full guide, Moonlite granted him the title, ‘the Honourable’ along with, some more appropriate clothing other than just rags.

As time passed, Evotamer became loved as a guide and as a friend by many. However in the Plane of Hate, Innoruuk watched in detest of how Evotamer became so loved. Innoruuk in his hate for the Protectors of Erollisi summoned Evotamer into his realm and tortured him. For days the God of Hate painfully put Evotamer to much abuse, soon the pain became so harsh, Evotamer has became unconscious.

As Evotamer awoke, he was surrounded in an unfamiliar setting, he felt different, he felt lighter, and shorter. He slowly crawled to a near by pool of water and looked in. To his astonishment he was a Dark Elf. The evil God of Hate had taken Evotamer’s soul and mind and placed it into one of his vile creations. Unsure what to do, Evotamer slowly got to his feet and with the little bit of strength he called upon the gods to have mercy on him. His call was not met with a response from the gods, but by a familiar voice. It was Lavenir the Cheerful, Bard of Tunare. She took care of Evotamer till he was well, and said she would pray to Tunare for some help. As Evotamer felt better and stronger, he again continued his role as a Guide.

Again, even though his physical looks were different, his charm stood out and shone through his blue skin. He did more daily training exercises to make himself stronger and meditated often to clear his mind of evil. Time passed and Evotamer grew older and older. At the age of 53 he left to seek retreat and to challenge Innoruuk. Evotamer knew that this would be a difficult task to accomplish. Single handily he definitely could not defeat Innoruuk, however he wouldn’t live another day in the body of one of Innoruuk’s vile creations.

As Evotamer slowly made his way through the Plane of Hate, a month passed and he finally reached the church the Maestro of Rancor. However Evotamer grew weary and fatigue. The maestro was composing his newest collection of music. Evotamer decided that his luck had gone bad and he soon was about to put his sword down until a sudden bright glow surrounded him.

The Mother of All, Tunare summoned Evotamer into the Plane of Growth. At this time she cleansed Evotamer’s soul and by her magical powers, Evotamer was turned into her own kind, a High Elf. Her powers did not allow her to return him into his original Erudite form. Evotamer did not mind this at all, he was happy that someone so beautiful saved him and that he did not have to live within the body of a dark elf.

_ _ _ _ As time went on, Evotamer continued to guide, and on his 54th birthday, he was fortunate enough to have the lovely and newly promoted Senior Guide, Raenna announce his birthday to all of Norrath. Shortly after this both Moonlite and Lavenir had moved on to aid Antonius Bayle. Erollisi Marr is fortunate enough to have guides like Raenna, Lennox, Jayda, and Nerena to look after Norrath. What lies in the future is not yet known, however as in the past and present, Evotamer and the Protectors of Erollisi will always continue to help those in need.

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/wave Heya Evot!! nice seeing you bro and that your still around =)

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As a side note bud, only Prexus Pallies can be DW Knights hehe.. also say hi to Rae for me plz =)

Hope yall are all doing well old friends


P.s. I miss Lav =(
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