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Default Glad to be back

I played since launch as both a Cleric and Necro on Erollisi, then moved over to the Legends Server. I tried returning a few times but due to the gap in time with my absence, I was unable to really function at higher levels.. so I ended up back to square one with a new toon on Erollisi. Thanks to kind donations from retired friends and using some of my old PP I was able to twink up a brand new monk to have some fun.

The new mercenary system really seems to be a big help as I went from level 1 - 10 when I logged on last night. Although, I am sure it will slow down quite a deal as I continue to progress.

As I've seen with some other returnees, they all seem to be in the same mindset as myself. Return to level up in some of the old world areas, and I plan to do some of the same, though, focusing more on hotzones.

Although I will be tearing apart these forums for tips and other new information, please send any feedback my way on some of the best course of action to level up. Should I completely avoid most quests? Since I am a pretty well geared monk, I figure that I can skip most quests for items and avoid most drops for defiant until I start needing those items.

And if anyone could recommend upgrades to my gear, that would be much appreciated. Most of it is prolly a bit overkill, but I had a few of the pieces lying around (and I cannot believe they still existed on my old character).

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