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Default Using Logins, asp, vbscript.

Someone mentioned sessions and session variables and it looks like its a great idea for what I want to do.

The problem is that most the books I have (which is an insane collection considering I am completely self taught and don't know if I ever want to get paid to program) all give me information on SQL (which I will upgrade to in a year or so) or they provide information for when I am running a server.

I can't run a server cause most places I have checked locally want $300 a month for static IP's. So my copy of windows 2000 server and SQL Server 7 don't get much use. Thats another story though.

Where is a good place to get info on only allowing users to do certain things while logged in.

I want users to be able to login to my site, take quizes, chat, etc... and I want them to have the ability to auto login from the same pc and not have to keep logging in from page to page.

Any pointers in the right direction would be greatly appreciated. I can probably figure out cookies with the info I have sitting around and vb experience, but I could really use help with the sessions and the "accounts" aspect.

I already have an account creation setup, complete with a random generated security string that is emailed to the user. Clicking on the security link in the email activates the account and moves it from the member que to the member database. I have that all set up. Now I just need to do the login and what to do with the accounts.

If you are still reading at this point, you must either be vainly hoping for me to start speaking a language you understand, or you most likely make a lot of money fixing poorly documented and structured code for a company that isn't quite sure what it wants but knows it wants it now.

Thanks for any help you can offer =)

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and I want them to have the ability to auto login from the same pc and not have to keep logging in from page to page.
Just set a cookie with an expration date. Any cookie set without one is "session" based, and is no longer valid once the user closes the browser window.

In PHP, search for 'setcookie' on Don't remember offhand what it is in ASP. But ASP sucks anyways :o
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