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Default "alt" mouseover text.

I'm familiar with the "alt" tag of a <img> element. Could you tell me, however, how I can get it to work in the following table cell.

The cell has a background image that is 50% opaque allowing a background image to show through until mouseover. Because it uses the background property style instead of the <img> element I don't know how to get the same effect. I try to always cover the bases and label so if an image doesn't load people cna navigate.

<td width="120%" height="29" align="center" background="../images/menu.gif" style="filter:alpha(opacity=50);-moz-opacity:0.2; background-repeat: no-repeat;" onMouseover="makevisible(this,0)" onMouseout="makevisible(this,1)"><font color="white" face='verdana' size=1 style='font-size:10pt;font-family:Verdana'>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<b><a href="../who.asp" target="mainarea">Who</a></b></td>

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Ask in the BBS there; very helpful people.

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