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Default passing variables.

okay I have a page that already takes user input and handles it by using variables, arrays and Form objects (selects)

The output is formatted and placed into tables and it shows up real nice.

The problem is I want the user to be able to print out the form without taking up 20 pages. While its nice and spread out in their browser I would like to compact it for printing.

The problem is my variables, arrays, and even Form elements seem to clear when it outputs to their browser.

I could give them an option back at the input stage to output to browser or formatted for printing, but then they couldn't view it first and decide.

And ideas? (if I made any sense).

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i am assuming this is asp again, but i will give my answer based on what i know of php, and that might help you with asp.

if i understand you correctly, you have basically 3 pages, one for user input, one to process and display their input spread out, and one for them to be able to print out their compressed input.

if this is the case, i would suggest one of two things, sessions or a new form. the second page would contain a new form with hidden variables containing the same data as the display cells in your table then have that form post to the printable info page and redesign your data in that page.

for instance if the user inputs $input then you carry that over to the next page and print $input to the screen, you want a form at the bottom with just a submit button viewable but before the submit button start your form action='printpage.php' method='post' and use hidden fields like this input type='hidden' name='input' value= ' ".$input." ' then when you get to the next page you can use the same variable names and values on the print page as you did on the variable page and lay it out how you like.

as far as sessions go, i will just explain how they work, im not going into how to use them as i am sure it is completely different in asp. sessions let you set a variable that will be carried to every page the user visits until you destroy the session or the session variable. you could start the session on your second page, then set the variables as those carried over from the previous page since they are still active variables, then have a text link to your second page calling that session and it's variables.

hope i understood what you meant and was able to help some.
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