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Default Crazy man accused of stalking Sheryl Crow acquitted
NEW YORK (Reuters) -- A former Navy diver who says he drinks 2 gallons of water a day so he can communicate telepathically with Sheryl Crow was acquitted on Tuesday of stalking the Grammy Award winner.

After deliberating less than three hours, the jury rejected the prosecution's contention that Ambrose Kappos, 38, had a dangerous obsession with Crow. Jurors found him not guilty of stalking her when he broke into a ballroom where the singer was rehearsing for a benefit last year.

Under the law, prosecutors had to prove that Kappos had intended to stalk Crow and break into the ballroom in order for jurors to convict him.

Crow testified last week that Kappos "scared" and "alarmed" her and that his encounter with her at the ballroom "gave me pause. It made me feel creeped out."

Crow's sister also testified that she received phone calls from Kappos at her home and office in Tennessee starting in June 2002. She said Kappos asked her to arrange a meeting with her famous sibling.

The performer's father, Wendell, also testified that Kappos showed up at his Missouri home and said he "was the soul mate for my daughter, Sheryl, and wanted to make contact with her."

The singer said under cross-examination that Kappos never corresponded with her or had any direct contact with her.

With his elderly parents at his side, Kappos smiled and looked relieved as he spoke with reporters outside the Manhattan Supreme Court building where the trial began on November 18.

"This could have been better handled if it was recognized for what it was -- an honorable man trying to court a good woman, and a simple 'no thank you' from her or her duly or authorized agents would have been satisfactory," Kappos said after the verdict.

Kappos, who was discharged from the Navy for medical reasons in June 2003 after 16 years of service, testified on Monday that despite an expired order by the Navy to stay away from Crow, he said he felt he had "to do anything I could to send a message" to Crow "telepathically about the way I felt about her."

The week before his arrest he "spent the whole weekend singing songs to her from my parents' (porch) to get something out there," Kappos said.

In a videotaped statement that was played for jurors, Kappos said he "super-hydrates" himself by drinking at least 2 gallons of water, which he says improves "nerve conduction velocity" and lets him have telepathic conversations with Crow.

The water, Kappos said, gets him into an "aesthetic state" and he felt he "was successful in bridging a telepathic link with her. I was doing what I felt she had told me to do telepathically."

What the hell qualifies as stalking if this telepathic wacko's actions don't? Well, that's a little strong. I mean he never actually contacted her prior to breaking into that place where she just happened to be. Unless you count telepathically.
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