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Default Modem question please help

I have 2 modems, 2 phone lines.
I know theres a way that I can dial out both and somehow bundle the connection.
Theres a way in the connection properties to dial both devices at once but I keep getting a 629 code error..the remote computer terminated one.
Now i called my isp and they said its ok for me to dial up the same account twice, but they don't support what im trying to do(as far as dialing both devices at once)
Does anyone know of a way to bundle the 2 connections so I can have twice the bandwidth?
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I dont think this is possible. But I could be wrong.

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It used to be possible. I know one of the older modem makers, (Diamond, I think) used to feature "Shotgun" technology that allowed you to use the 2 phone lines and combine them for larger bandwidth. I'm pretty sure the ISP had to support it, and you couldn't do it on any random modem card. So, I think you are out of luck.
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need to purchase Shotgun modems, or use shotgun modem drivers with compatible devices based on Diamonds technology.

you could theorhetically do it with 2 identical modems but you would need to write your own drivers to do so. Most Windows based PCs will have trouble with IRQs and the communication using phone modems without shotgun drivers , etc

even with the shotgunned speed, it only increases it to approx 80kbps max... it sucked even when it worked, you could get a single modem to go faster at 112kbps

Almost no phone ISP supports them anymore, DSL & Broadband wiped it out.
Kinda like the Laser Disc Movies....... Remember those?
Big 12 inch CD's that had movies on them.....
Then DVDs came out and destroyed the market for them.

same situation.

edit ----
Diamond Multimedia Shotgun Modem Walk Through

What You MUST Have To Use 112k

112k modem.
Second modem. (unless you have a Diamond Multimedia SupraSonic II)
Dial-Up Networking 1.3. (Only needed if you have Windows 95) Available Here
2 phone lines.
Diamond's Shotgun software INSTALLED.
A MiltiLink Point to Point Protocol (MLPPP) enabled account with Village Online.
Computers with serial mice seem to have problems with Win95/98 detecting the Shotgun modem correctly

link to the rest-
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The ISP has to support that kind of multilink functionaity.

Basically the ISP has to know which two connections you are dialed in as and then route data being sent to you appropriatly across the two lines. If they don't have software setup to do that then it won't work.
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