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Default Need Help


I am looking to make a STICKy of what each class is suppose to do on raids. If you all could post class advice under each class i appreciate. This is to benifit the up and comeing fresh players who are lacking the raid knowledge the the experience players have or take for granted, so please keep the SARCAZM down to low ROAR.

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Class Strategies Ė Ranger

Raid Strategies:

With few exceptions a rangerís roll on raids is dealing damage. There are two views on this, attack above all else and dead rangers do no damage. I find myself more inline with the second statement, but always keep in mind my roll as a damage dealer on raids. One large issue concerning ranger on raids is, do I melee or use my bow? The simple answer is what ever is going to do more damage. Alas, you usually need to know ahead of time which will be best. Here is a basic guideline, if there is a nasty AE, use ranged attack. The idea here is to avoid the AE, thus you deal damage and donít wind up dead. If the mob has insane AC, (Ssra/VT mobs) use melee weapons. The reasoning here is, melee damage has +damage bonus on it that cannot be mitigated by AC. So at minimum you will always do your damage bonus. Archery and other ranged attack does not have this innate damage bonus thus on high ac mobs you will have no minimum damage and find that a lot of your damage output will be mitigated by the mob. If the mob requires bane weapons to hit it, (Emperor Ssra/ LIS) use a two-hander. Two reasons here for using two-handers, first you only have to farm the components for one weapon. Second bane fights are all about the damage bonus, the normal damage is usually mitigated, two-handers have more damage bonus thus out damaging two one-handers.
Another large topic is disciplines and when to use them. Rangers use two primary disciplines, true shot (level 55), and weapon shield (level 60). True shot gives you approximately 2 minutes of double damage, ranged attack. I usually save this for the ďboss mobĒ with few exceptions. If we have a nasty over pull that looks like it might wipe the raid I will burn true shot. The other time I will burn it early is if we have a mini-boss that requires ranged attack as its primary source of dps. Weapon shield is a bit more versatile in its uses as it parries all frontal melee blows. This does not make you invulnerable, any attack from behind or spell damage will land through weapon shield. There are four times I use weapon shield on raids. First, I use it on pulls for positioning. Since rangers are decent pullers and can generate a lot of aggro quickly, rangers are sometime used to pull particularly nasty mobs. Hit them with flame lick, tangling weeds and drop weapon shield and run backwards into the given corner/position where your tank is waiting. I usually continue to build aggro till either weapon shield is half gone or the tank AE taunts. At that point I start jolting to lower my aggro and turn attack of to avoid ripostes, and then get out of the way. The next use for weapon shield is on tank death. If the MA/SA goes down and aggro is ping ponging, Iíll quickly grab aggro and hit weapon shield until a tank can take aggro from me. I cannot count the number of times raids have been saved because of this. A third way that I use weapon shield on raids is if I am tanking. If a heal is missed or I just need a chance to build some aggro so healers donít get heal aggro Iíll drop true shot to save myself and hopefully the clerics. Lastly I use weapon shield on raids to help a cleric to camp out. Itís a quick way to prevent yourself from dying while holding aggro long enough for someone to camp out. One trick Iíve learned is to try sitting closer to the mob than the cleric. This way the mob will try and make you stand before the cleric, not that with the new disc system you must be standing to activate a disc where before you could be sitting.
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Raid Etiquette. SHAMAN - A general guide.

Channels. All main mobs that are to be slowed go in this channel


Generally on trash mobs, any slow can be used, Discord, Nihils, or Turgurs, it doesnít really matter if someone gets an overwrite message, because the mob will be dead before that matters.
There is no need to call this to any channel.

For Named Mobs, Turgurs only should be used, in the majority of cases.
For some special events, like some Ashengate North raids, because of the fact that the mobs are plentiful, and up and alive a long time, Turgurs only should be used, in conjunction with AE slow.
Once its slowed, you should call it to Soddebuff with something like this:-
/3 SLOWED ----- [ %t ] TURGURS

Itís essential to call what sort of slow you have landed on the mob.
Itís also essential that you only call a slow, once you have seen that the spell has landed, do not, under any circumstances call an attempt at a slow. (or any other spell for that matter)

Curing: It's Tingly.
************************************************************ **********

Shamans (given enough time) can cure with spells any and all DoTs or Curses that can be player cured. (It's the "given enough time" part that's the kicker.)

DoTs, Debuffs, and Curses that can be player cured have a certain number of "Tokens" (They are actually called "Counters" but I'll use "Tokens" to help with the visualization.) associated with them. The major types are Poison, Disease, Curse, and Detrimental. Any DoT or Debuff that lacks a Token type in it's Lucy description will have a number of hidden "Detrimental" Tokens. (Usually just one.) Some raid encounter DoTs and Debuffs have a combination of the 4 types. To cure a DoT or Debuff you need to cure a number equal to or greater than all of it's Tokens.

We have at our disposal the following spells:

Blood of Nadox: Somewhat slow casting 9.75 second cycle. Cures 18 Poison and 18 Disease Tokens on the entire group.

Disinfecting Aura: Fast casting 4.75 second cycle. Cures 20 Poison and 20 Disease Tokens on a single target.

Pure Spirit: Very slow casting, but it is the only spell in the game that can cure "Detrimental" type tokens, 18 second cycle. (There are AAs such cas RC that do so, but this is the only spell.) It cures 6 Detrimental Tokens on a single target.

Remove Greater Curse: Somewhat slow casting 8.25 second cycle. Cures 45 Curse Tokens on a single target. The Blackflame Sphere casts a clicky RGC at a cycle time of 7.5 seconds.

Abolish Disease: Somewhat slow casting 8.25 second cycle. Cures 36 Disease Tokens on a single target.

There is also the Radiant Cure/Resplendant Cure AA which it is highly encouraged to attain in the highest level possible. At it's highest level it cures: 25 Disease, 25 Poison, 25 Curse, and 15 Detrimental Tokens. Cycle time of IIRC 2 minutes.

Shamans will often be tasked with curing the DoTs and Debuffs of various encounters, so you should try to have access to all these spells.

Healing: Was it a Good Touch or a Bad Touch?
************************************************************ **********

Second only to Slowing, healing is a very important job for all Shamans. We aren't nearly as good as Clerics or even Druids and thus you will never see us put into the CHeal (Complete Heal) chain. (Yes we have a CHeal, but it heals only 1950 base for a casting time of 10 seconds. It's cheep to cast at a ratio of nearly 5 to 1, but you'd have to have an awful lot of Shamans to keep a Tank up with it. Druids get a spell with more than twice that healing power (4680), and Clerics of course get the Old and Trusty Complete Heal which heals 7500.) However just because we aren't in the chain doesnít mean that we don't have very important healing duties outside the CHeal chain. On low healing nights we will be asked to be Main heal for OTs, will be asked to patch heal for the CHeal chain, and we are expected to keep our group alive. With "Ancient Wilslik's Mending" we can heal about 450 points per second. That's good enough to keep an OT alive on Trash if all we are doing is healing, but if we have to slow and debuff too, then 450 HP per sec may not be enough to catch up and keep a tank alive. So if you are the only healer in your group, particularly if you have an OT in it, inform the Shaman channel of that fact, so we can adjust.

Assuming 10K Mana, plus a single cast of Shaman Cani-5. Excludes Mana Regen from spells or gear.
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Do you have any special raids in mind?

From my years of raiding, alhtough there are general duties that are constant, there are many classes whose jobs change depending on the raid content.

Just a thought.
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Send a message via MSN to Eweni_En`Fuego
Enchanters are arguably one of the most complicated classes in EQ. We are given a mass variety of spells, a handful of which can be applied to almost any situation. There is no good short answer to what enchanters do, or should do, on raids as the responsiblities vary immensely by encounter and guild strat. The answer for our class alone could easily fill its own forum here, and has elsewhere.

If you're looking to provide advice to up-and-coming enchanters, I would direct them to, and more specifically, The Raiding Enchanter Part 1. There's a wealth of information on the Runes for anyone interested enough to sift through it.

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This thread is like a train wreck and it's only a few posts long. Where are you getting your info? I see mentions of specific channels to call out your debuffs in. That's from some guild's website, and how they do things.

Every guild or raiding alliance does things a slightly different way.

Your intent is noble but I don't think your posts, as-is, will provide much benefit. There's no cohesiveness, and again, other than vague answers like: "Warriors tank mobs and do as much damage as they can without dying (duh)" most of the other stuff is situational or specific to how a certain guild might operate.
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You left out the part about having a website up so a shaman can perform his most important raid function. Loot.
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If your a beginner rogue, send me a tell. Not going to break the idea that all a rogue does is push a hotkey.
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Rangers are utility players of raiding:

With the right AA structure and gear (it doesnt have to be wicked gear, just well thought out. DoN can even supply great augs for single item focus. ie: Ground Healer Stone for a solid healing focus)

A ranger can be:
--a patch healer (with Anguish boots as a heal focus & all heal AAs done you can heal in the 5k range on a crit heal with Sunderrock Springwater Rk. 2)

--crowd control (root / kite / snare)

--backup tank (Weaponshield can save raids)

--DPS (rangers fall closely behind rogues, monks, and berserkers in output in most situations)

--Designated curer: Potemied Salve can cure disease, poison, & minor curses. It may take a few casts, but I can typically get rid of many infirmities. Don't get me wrong, ZTs Garg illusion deathtouch in Demiplane of Blood takes 2 casts to cure & Wanton Destruction in Anguish takes 3 or 4 casts, so it may be better to have a group curer for lethal dots.

The effective ranger is always alert to try to see where their skills are most needed. Realizing what each fight consists of is key. Knowing that your raid is light on healers and that you will have an offtank or two that will need to get some extra heals may let you prepare to be a patch healer through the fight if your raid has enough DPS to go around.

It is all about utility.
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