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Default Just saying hello and looking for old EQ freinds

Any hang around Pals still around? Geaux, Fernaldo/Torkya , Koryana, Dabbs, Hooz, and many more? I talk to Moonhawk regularly, I see Rheoric every day, email with Miltross, and talk to Lizelle every once in a blue moon. Anyone of my old acquaintances playing EQ Next? Or anything else for that matter?

Playing the secret world (Playwright) until EQ Next pops up. Look forward to hearing from MFers (Midnight Fury), Fellowship of Honor, and friends

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Hey Kitzen,

Torkya isn't playing anymore MMO's but I do talk to him once in a blue moon. He's doing good as far as I know.!


High Priestess Aprell

Exemplar of Karana
Retired cause I'm playing WOW!
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Send a message via Yahoo to Egat
I've always wondered where MF wandered off to and if they had any presence in other MMOs.
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Didn't MF merge with CE? My memory is fuzzy
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Default Greetings from Beyond

Hiya Kitzen , you little furry-footed halfing :P

Fitzroy Greymalkin , Level 75 Wizard 1999-2005 ( EMarr , Maelen Starpyre )
Divastation Greymalkin , Level 55 Enchanter 2014- ( Project 1999 )

P.S. Anyone have an old link to the VS/Trak rotation posts ?

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