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Default SoE Live 2014

Back from SoE Live and Erollisi Marr did represent!

For folks who might not have seen the stream, here's everything I captured (and apologies if I missed some winners).

These were the folks I know were there (apologies if I missed anyone):
  • wynterfrost
  • Tronic
  • Camadern
  • Malekitth
  • Kaylani
  • Dauna
  • Gathrodor
  • Soulbane
  • Autumndawn
  • Crystilla
  • Fhatdog
  • Alex
  • Melyssa
  • Elvyssa
  • Despar
  • Darwyn
  • Caeelar
  • Robr Blind
  • Bluefrogy
  • Basilone
  • Klerique
  • Metcha
  • Tomatin
  • Uruvon
  • Cwell

Didn't get to meet everyone of these but made a dent with some.

Thursday night banquet and opening ceremony Quotes
- Kaylani (her quote for what she's looking forward to) made it on screen and SoE gave her and Basilone an upgraded suite for the remainder of their stay.
- Elvyssa also got her quote up on screen.

- Thursday night, Camadern made it up on stage and took home the biggest 'grab bag' prize of the night.
- Saturday EQ Live quest, Crystilla got lucky and made it on the winning team. $100 visa gift card
- Saturday EQ Trivia, Crystilla managed to sneak in a win on a 'hard' question and will have a tradeskill made, consumable item made with her name on it added to the game. Since she's a serving wench in game, hopefully she can convince the TS Dev to make this an ale.

Here's my set of images for the event (and yes, if you notice a tattoo in there, it's a real one). It is my first and didn't hurt too bad.

2014 SoE Live pictures
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