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Default Ban on Gay books

Alabama State Representative Gerald Allen is on record as wanting to ban gay marriage, but now he's turned his attention to the state's libraries--both public and school. Allen wants to pass a law to ban books with gay characters. He also wants textbooks that suggest homosexuality is okay out of state schools.

"It's censorship at its worst, and it also keeps Alabama at the top of the list as a laughingstock in the United States," says Donna Schremser, Director of the Huntsville-Madison County Public Library. Schremser says there are probably hundreds of books on library shelves that would be condemned by Allen's bill. She points out that All The King's Men, by Robert Penn Warren, would likely be banned for a gay character. All The King's Men, was the book Huntsville city read just a few years ago.

"I don't believe in removing books or destroying books because it reminds me of the Nazi regime," says Madison's Carol Benjamin.

"I've not read his proposal, and I'm not familiar with him [Gerald Allen], but I do think there are a lot of things allowed in the library that don't necessarily need to be here, that don't meet decent moral standards, so I don't have a problem with some of the material being removed," says Huntsville's Kelly Watts.

At the Huntsville-Madison County Public Library more than two million books were borrowed last year, and among that total were books with homosexual characters or themes. Donna Schremser says reading those books was up to the library patron.

"We aren't in the business, and I don't think the legislature should be in the business, of telling people--especially adults--what they can and can't read," says Donna Schremser.

Right now, no one can, but Gerald Allen believes there should be a law that does just that.

One North Alabama legislator says a state law banning gay marriage is one thing, but censorship is something different. Allen's proposed law, he says, would be a tough sell in the legislature.
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