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Default Old Europe: watch out ladies, your pussy might get 'snatched'!

Genital Mutilation 'On the Increase in Europe'

Young girls born in Europe to immigrant families from Africa are being subjected to ritual genital mutilation, and authorities are doing little to discourage it, a leading women’s rights activist warned.

Somalia-born supermodel and best-selling author Waris Dirie, who has campaigned to end the disfiguring practice she suffered at age five in her homeland, said yesterday that she estimates one in every three African families living in Europe is secretly carrying out the ritual on their daughters. No official figures exist.

The procedure – illegal in most European countries – is especially prevalent in Germany and the Netherlands, as well as in Austria, where an estimated 8,000 girls born into immigrant families have been affected, Dirie said.

“We don’t know who’s doing it and where,” because there are few initiatives to prevent it or to encourage doctors, nurses, social workers, teachers and others to report suspected cases, Dirie said. An exception is France, where there is strong awareness and education, she said.

“What good is a law if no one is paying attention?” Dirie told reporters in Austria, where she was being honoured yesterday by a Roman Catholic men’s movement for her efforts to stop the practice.

Islamic religious leaders are telling Europe’s Muslim Africans that the prophets recommend the ancient ritual, which involves the removal of the clitoris, often with a dull blade and no anaesthesia, Dirie said.

“That is a catastrophe,” she said. “Every imam who is not actively against genital mutilation is guilty. Mutilation is not a tradition – it’s a crime that must be abolished.”

Although women generally perform the procedure, sometimes called female circumcision, men are ultimately responsible because “untrimmed” young women “face great difficulties in African societies in finding a husband,” Dirie said.

Between 100 million and 140 million women have undergone genital mutilation worldwide, and two million girls are at risk each year, according to the World Health Organisation, which says the practice can lead to infection, the spread of Aids and crippling physical, psychological and sexual problems.

The practice has been on the rise not only among immigrants in Europe but also in Australia, Canada and the US, Who says.

Petra Bayr, an official with Austria’s Socialist Party, said the bloc’s women would press the government to consider genital mutilation an “act of violence” and legitimate grounds for women fleeing it to be granted asylum in Austria.

“Women who are threatened with genital mutilation or have already suffered it should not have to wait for months for an open door,” added Raimund Loeffelmann, a spokesman for the Catholic men’s organisation honouring Dirie yesterday.
There was an interview with the crazy islamofacist responsible for these heinous acts

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[referring to Silent Marmout]
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riiight. So this is somehow the fault of Europe because people who have emmigrated there undertake practices that are highly illegal. Often sending back the victims to their homeland for the crime to take place.
Today, the practice is illegal in the U.K., though there is still no law against it in the U.S., and it is spreading throughout America as immigrant families from cultures that traditionally practice FC move here and bring their customs with them. Legislation is currently moving through Congress to make FC a felony, and New York, North Dakota and Minnesota currently have laws prohibiting FC unless it is mandated by a medical emergency
So explain just how you see this as 'old Europes' problem, when exactly the same thing is happening in the US and in far higher numbers in non-western countries.

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Lol, you could have at least made up lines for Abdul instead of ripping off the work of Kevin Smith.
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Shh Eglath, im trying to be serious!
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