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Wow I spent a whole 5 hours....... You mean like the five hours you probably spent in front of the tv or computer this weekend?

"so impatient" "must have it the second it comes out".. what, because I'm willing to spend a whole five hours outside with some friends instead of waiting another month or two? yeah, that's just sooo impatient....

And what's this "after which you won't have to pay as much money"? The price isn't dropping anytime soon. So it's not like waiting is going to save money.

Oh noes the greedy corporations! What in the hell are you rambling about anyway? I support the innovation of Nintendo for this console. It's something new and different. And btw, I haven't owned a console since SNES. But this one is worth the money to me, because they are finally doing something new. I'm sooo sorry you can't understand that, please forgive me!

Again, the fact that you (at least used to) play Everquest and come here bitching because I spent 5 hours outside "camping" for a Wii is extremely entertaining!
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