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Tuan, if you have nothing better to do with 5 hours of your life than stand in line to PAY full price for a new video game then yes, you have no life. If you are so impatient that you absolutely MUST have it the second it comes out, then yes, you have no life.

Why do you and people like you buy into all this bullshit hype and marketing crap, and absolutely can't live without a damn game, which is so obviously marketed just before Christmas for this sole purpose? Is 2 months of waiting, after which you won't have to pay as much money, and won't have to wait in line at all so terribly long?

By standing in line like a trained gerbil for garbage like this, you just reaffirm to the greedy corporations putting it out that they have not misplaced their belief that people are braindead lemmings, who they can milk money out of every 2 years when they release the new BEST console.

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