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Originally Posted by Cerulean
Don't be dense. To deny that marriage has been a cornerstone of society is an inherently clueless argument. The family-bond is perhaps the strongest and most common throughout any society. Did you pay attention in your history classes? I would ask you to prove how it isn't a fundamental part of society. If marriage isn't so important then what's the point of this thread?
I think you and Trith are being dense. First off, I didn't deny that marriage "has been" a "cornerstone of society". Way to misquote. What I was questioning is Trith's usage of "basic fundamentals of society".

A "basic fundamental" to society is what? A set of moral imperatives? Throwing around a term one is clueless as to what it means only proves that person's ignorance and nothing more. /wave Trith

Further, you are equivocating "so important" with "cornerstone of society". Just because an issue is important doesn't mean that it is a foundation upon which society is built. While we are here, the marriage traditions of today aren't a moral foundation for society. If you think so, then the rate of divorce pretty much crushes your belief. Society seems to keep chugging along without "marriage" and that is a point the bigots against homosexual marriages should understand.

The family bond is a genetic one and not contrived one, such as one pieced together through the bonds of matrimony. If you had been paying attention to both history and the modern day, you would understand that while over 50% of marriages end in divorce, each child is still bound to a mother and father if they are lucky enough to know them.

Finally, the importance of this thread is marginal. The importance of the issue raised in this thread is monumental. It is an issue of rights. One sector of society is being denied rights on the basis of sexual orientation. That is the issue, and those trying to deny rights on the basis of sexual orientation are wrong.
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