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Originally Posted by Vir
1) The debate is still open on the legality of how the marriages were obtained.
2) Do you honestly want states to stop recognizing the laws of other states? In Oregon and Alaska there's no state sales tax. Legal residents of those states aren't required to pay state sales tax in any other state regardless of the taxes in that state. Should something like this change too? If so, what's next? There's a very slippery slope lined with banana peels waiting to get stepped on here.
1) The Attorney General of New York has determined them to be illegal. The people of California voted to define marriage as a man and a woman. Seems pretty clear to those of us who's mind's are clouded from bong water.

2) Oh no, not the slippery slop arguement? I thought they it was wrong. Get him Lur.

Didn't the DoM Act already cover that? It says that state may legalize gay marriage within it's own borders. But states would not be obligated to recognize such marriages performed in another state.

So in fact, Congress does allow a state to allow same sex marriage, and also allows states to not recognize that marriage.

ps. thanx for making me the lead really, real axis of evil state. I'm honored.
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