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Rheaton, get it through your head. Stop equating love and sex.
They are not the same thing. You don't accuse Heterosexuals of leading us on the path of beastiality. Why would homosexuality be more prone to lead us on that path? Explain to me why homosexuality opens the door anymore to beastiality or even society's acceptance of it. Sex is sex, kinky sex is kinky sex. Neither straight sex or gay sex is immune to kinkiness. There are just as many kinky straight people as there are kinky gay people. It makes no difference who someone likes. The only reason you condemn gay sex is because you are straight. Guess what. Its none of your business what gay people do. Why should it matter at all to you? I will tell you why it matters to you. Because no matter what you do, you will always sit there in judgement of others. Poor lost soul. And you call yourself a Christian. Well, start acting like it then.

The preference of an individual has nothing to do with having sex. I know gay virgins, explain to me how that can be if homosexuality is about the performing sexual acts.

Now as far as the problems with gay sex and straight sex... Straight sex has led to such monsters as the Green River Killer, Ted Bundy and other mass murderers. It has led to many a case of broken families. It has led to much abuse and many rapes. Now tell me why you condone it anymore than gay sex? It is no more holy than gay sex. It comes down to only one difference, and that is preference.

As far as marriage. If there weren't a problem with divorce in this country would you be worried about the path we are going on? The sanctity of marriage right now is weak. That is a problem. That magnifies this also, but this is only a symptom and not the problem. I have seen a consistent problem with you conservs focusing on symptoms rather than the actual problems. You are doing it again. You don't solve a problem by fixing the symptoms, that only prolongs it. You solve it by fixing the problem.
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