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Zaniel, that's one of the points of the commission: to figure out what went wrong, and make sure it doesn't happen again.

Yes, some people are trying to use it to point fingers but that's all water under the bridge. Unless someone conclusively knew that the attack was going to happen, and said nothing about it, then there is no blame to place. I still firmly believe nobody saw it coming, and in any case, the point of the commission is not to find a scapegoat.

Some people are going to have to admit they messed up in order for the investigation to get anywhere. It wouldn't be political suicide for someone to say "Yeah, I didn't see it coming either". Even so, we have people scrambling around to demonsrate that they "knew" there was going to be an attack, as if that absolves them of falling asleep at the helm, when in reality it makes them look like an inhuman monster for not having done anything about it.

We shouldn't expect omniscience in our government, so faulting anyone for a lapse that occurred because we weren't watching the important stuff is pointless. Instead of trying to pass the buck and crucify someone for something they had no power to stop, we should use the investigation to ensure 9/11 is never repeated.

In the meantime, Bush needs to stop abusing our newly found terror or terrorism in order to have his way with the world. Not that I can necessarily say any other administration would not have done the same thing, but there is no excuse for playing to peoples fears for political gain.
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