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Jarmon EMarr
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Default warrior armor advice please

Hi yíall!

Iím looking for some info and would really appreciate any input you guys and gals might have. Iím looking to upgrade my 35th level warriorís armor but donít know what to look at. Iíve been told that cobalt would be the way to go, but I want to make sure. I only have a little money (about 14k) to use, so Iíd like to get at least a few upgrades with that in mind. Iíd also like to update his back slot (lizardscale mantle), neck slot (orc fang), and his face slot (plat ruby veil) to something more manly. I wouldnít be opposed to some ring (+6 str/dex) and earring (wolf tooth, cougar claw) advice either if you have any ideas there.

I will mention that I have a Ceremonial Iksar Breastplate at hand to replace my Crusty, but everything else is Crusty armor. Thanks ahead of time for your input!

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