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Default best class to compliment this group

OK, so I was Pling a Cleric to Duel box with my Ranger, and Bro-in-laws Sk. Out of the blue, and RL friend of ours lets us know he has a Cleric we can use, so there goes the PLing for the cleric for now. So I'm thinking about making a new class to PL up, that would compliment our group. Right now, this possible group has, lvl 51 Ranger, lvl 54 SK, lvl 53 Cleric, lvl 45 Monk, Shaman, and lvl 60 enchie that can be thrown in from time to time. Now yes I know that's already 6 people, but if all had PoP, Couldn't the Raid ability be used, as I've heard with 7 to 8 people, xp loss doesn't seem that apparent. I'm thinking about making a Warrior, but I'm not sure if that's the best. I need to be able to Duel box the new Character, so ease of play is probably the best. What is everyone's idea? should I stick with Pling the cleric and have 2? or should I make another class? Thanks in advance for your thoughts.
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